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Film Poster Refrigerator

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Sometimes it’s hard to find time to mow your lawn, let alone do a remodel in your house. For a busy Interior Designer like Rhonda Knoche, it’s exceptionally tough.  It took a while, but Rhonda finally set aside some time from making other people’s homes spectacular to remodel her own kitchen. An Interior Designer needs to make their home seriously awesome and Rhonda decided she needed something BIG for her new kitchen. She contacted the Mighty Sign Makers of Specialty Graphic Solutions to make that happen with a movie poster custom graphic for her refrigerator. Rhonda’s Vision Rhonda and her husband are big fans of classic movies. To add an extra touch of personality to their new kitchen, they decided to put their favorite movie poster (from the 1958 film, Auntie Mame) on their built-in refrigerator and freezer. The Process We started off with a picture of the poster, sent over by Rhonda, but we ran into a bit of a problem with the size of the image. It was just too small to enlarge without pixelating. Knowing how much Rhonda loved this image, we wanted to make sure that we could work with it. We converted the image to vector format, which instead of using pixels, produces images comprised of a series of curves, angles and shapes. The vector conversion allowed us to blow the image up to the right size without distorting it. The next challenge we faced with this project was the detail needed in the print. Rhonda needed the colors in the poster to be specific shades. She wanted the background of the poster to match the cabinets in the kitchen and Mame’s dress had to be a very specific red. Close enough wasn’t an option, but that kind of detail work is exactly what the…

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Have You Browsed Our Glossary of Signage Terms? Learn What We Can Do!

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Do you know sign language? Please stop giving your computer screen the peace sign. We can’t see it, and we’re not talking about American Sign Language. We’re talking about the language we use in the signage industry. Did you know that we have a whole page devoted to sign language terms in Vancouver, WA? It’s true. Today’s blog will entice you to check it out. We double-dog dare you to peruse it! Why Should You Learn about Signage Terms? If you’re like us, you don’t like wasting your time learning about things that aren’t relevant to your life or your interests. There’s just too much fun stuff to see, do, and learn. However, if you’re interested in buying effective signage for your business, spending the five to ten minutes learning the language of signs can ensure that you end up with markers that you want. How will learning sign language help you? Let’s say you went to France and didn’t know any French. The French are used to these situations and will work with you to make sure you have a pleasant experience, but you won’t get the most out of your experience. You won’t know how to express yourself precisely or to know exactly what others are saying. The same holds true in the signage industry. Our mighty sign makers are happy to work with people of any level of knowledge, but you’ll have a better understanding of what’s going on if you know the lingo. If this doesn’t have you convinced, how about we give you some FREE MONEY? If you go and read our commercial sign glossary right now, you’ll find discount codes hidden among the definitions. Okay, so maybe discounts aren’t exactly free money, but they can save you hundreds of dollars. What Can You Learn…

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What Are the 5 Elements of Effective Sign Design?

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When you’re performing a task, there’s a right way to do it and a wrong way. Okay, more realistically, there are several wrong ways to do it and much fewer right ways to get it done. This is especially true with signage. We like to think that we’ve learned a thing or two about the industry in the many years we’ve been pleasing customers. Part of that knowledge is recognizing the 5 elements of effective sign design: 1. Contrast If you wander over to the Sign Language section of our website before reading the second half of this sentence, you know that contrast is the difference or degree of difference between sign components, like dark and light colors, fonts, or areas. If you want your sign to stand out, contrast is a must. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the “First Floor” door graphics (see above). If you have perfect 20/20 vision, you can make out most of it. However, when the hallways are dark, forget about it. A good rule of thumb is to never put dark graphics on a window. 2. Visibility Visibility is a measurement of how well a marker can be seen from a particular angle or distance. Before the other attributes of an effective sign can do their thing, a sign must be visible. For example, look at that sign advertising…um…well, we have no idea what the sign says, since it appears to be surrounded by a jungle. How effective is that? 3. Readability Readability is the degree to which a consumer can accurately and easily perceive the message of a sign. Or, it’s a measure of how well the viewer can see the words, letters, colors, and images of the signage and understand the information. If your marker is along a roadway with a high speed…

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