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Promote Your Nonprofit with Trailer Graphics!

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Nonprofits walk a thin line between marketing enough to attract donors and volunteers and not making it look like they’re putting all of their money into advertising. One marketing tool that lives along this thin line is vehicle graphics. They’re both affordable and one of the most effective ways to build name recognition. That’s why Bike Clark County decided to shift into a higher gear by contacting Special Graphic Solutions for trailer graphics for nonprofits in Vancouver, WA. Bike Clark County Is on a Roll Located on Broadway in Vancouver, Bike Clark County was founded in 2011 with the idea that adults can use their bikes as a viable mode of transportation, families can safely enjoy a ride together on our local trails and streets, and kids should be outside riding their bikes. From this vision, they started an organization that’s run and organized by a volunteer board of directors, who believe in promoting cycling throughout the county. They’ve been successful thanks to the many volunteers and donors who’ve offered their time and money. When a nonprofit that’s doing so much to keep the area healthy, sustainable, and safe came to us for trailer graphics for Vancouver, WA, we put on our helmets and tight shorts and got down to work! One of the Bike Clark County board members had seen our wrapped van travelling around town (SEE! Vehicle graphics really do work!), and he called to see if we could give his group’s cargo trailer the same treatment. As you can see, we did so quite successfully. We Worked Tirelessly Bike Clark County needed us to work on a fairly tight schedule. The holiday season is an important time of year for them for bike donations and fundraising. They’d need the trailer available to show off their graphics and…

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These Tear Drop Trailer Graphics will Make You Smile!

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Anyone else notice that winter seemed to give up early this year? We’re sure no one is shedding any tears over the early arrival of spring. Instead, area wanderlusts are taking their Tear Drops and other RVs out of storage to explore the Pacific Northwest. One local astronomy enthusiast decided he wanted to do his star gazing in style this year, so he enlisted the mighty sign makers at Specialty Graphic Solutions for Tear Drop trailer graphics Vancouver WA residents are sure to notice. What Are Tear Drop Trailers? In all likelihood, you’ve seen Tear Drop trailers if you’ve done any traveling outside of your atmosphere. They are sleek sleepers that have all you could need when camping in a nice compact trailer. They can be custom built to fit your needs, whether you like roughing it or being pampered when you explore new frontiers. Our astronomer client uses his Tear Drop for weekend trips with friends to get away from the city lights that can drown out the stars, planets, and other astronomical features. One cool feature of his trailer was that it has a nice mini-kitchen that folds out of the back. What We Did Our astronomer friend came to us with a rough sketch of the design he wanted. Our experts were able to convert the sketch to a vector file that could easily be blown up to astronomical proportions to cover the back of the Tear Drop. As you can see, the sides of the trailer are painted blue. To complement this, we perfectly matched the blue in our artistic rendering. Kindra, our “Jill of All Trades,” had the brilliant idea of using the brushed silver surface of the trailer as the “reflection” for the moon on the lake in the graphic. Once our customer approved…

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