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Vehicle Wrap Repairs

We Fix Vehicle Graphics in Vancouver, WA!

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The Pacific Northwest’s warm, dry season is coming to a close, and the rains of fall and winter are about to take hold. Many drivers in the area use this opportunity to ram into other vehicles on the road. And, while vehicle wraps generally do a great job protecting your car’s paint job, they’re not exactly armor for your vehicle’s body.

What do you do when your company vehicle gets mangled, leaving your vehicle graphics scuffed and damaged? Do you just give up on effectively branding your company? Not so fast! The mighty sign makers at Specialty Graphic Solutions have some ideas for fixing your vehicle graphics in Vancouver, WA.

Damaged vehicle graphics can be repaired most of the time, but this isn’t always the case. Below, we’ll look at a few scenarios to help you determine whether or not a fix is possible.

Repairing Cut Vinyl and Spot Graphics

If your incident was less of a crash and more a thoroughly polite dust-up, the chances are your vehicle graphics protected your paint job. And, the only thing that needs to be fixed is your cut vinyl letters or graphics. Fortunately, when SGS completes a project for you, we keep your artwork on file in case you need to replace your graphics, or you want to have matching decals on another vehicle in your fleet. We’ll simply print out replacement graphics and install them for you.

Repairing Vehicle Wrap Panels

If your vehicle wrap is damaged, you have to replace the whole thing, right? Not necessarily! We install wraps in panels. If one panel is damaged, we can just reprint the panel and install it. This is easiest to do on bumpers and doors since these are natural termination points for the wrap.

When you get yourself into a real doozy of a pickle and multiple panels are affected, we’d need to print and reinstall a larger area, which may require us to create a new seam or two in order to salvage as much of the original wrap as possible. Our goal is to find the most affordable solution for your situation.

Can You Rewrap My Totaled Car?

First of all, we’re sorry for your loss. Secondly, the car’s gone: no amount of wrapping will bring it back. There are some instances when a car isn’t totaled, but the damage is still too much for us to save your wrap. In these cases, we can rewrap your vehicle with the same graphics, or you can use this opportunity to update your look. We’re able to add new colors and updated information to your new wrap.

Some Repairs Are not Perfect

If, heaven forbid, your car was wrapped by another car shop, they may not have added an overlaminate to protect the graphics. This can cause your colors to fade over time. Consequently, when we repair your wrap, the new vibrant colors may appear different from the older faded panels. We can try to make color adjustments, but you may just want to replace your entire wrap with fade-resistant, colorful graphics from SGS.

Is your wrap damaged? Contact our Mighty Sign Makers today for a free consultation on fixing vehicle graphics in Vancouver, WA, and we’ll let you know what your options are.