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Commercial Truck Graphics

By December 20, 2018Uncategorized
white car graphic and logo for Advanced Hydroseed

Commercial Truck Graphics and Branding


Truck Graphics and Vehicle Branding gets your business noticed.  Reaching hundreds of people every day, vehicle and fleet branding is both a high-impact and cost-effective way of promoting a brand, product or service.  Truck graphics are on display every time your vehicle is on the road, whether parked or on the move. The Mighty Sign Makers make your vehicle stand out from the crowd with effective vinyl lettering, logos, partial wraps or full wraps on your car, van, truck or trailer.  Some companies get more business from their fleet graphics than all other forms of marketing combined.

Fleet Branding

Your fleet is one of your most visible and important marketing tools.  Think of your vehicles as a large-scale, mobile advertising space that you already own.  If you owned a billboard that was seen by thousands of people each day would you leave it blank?  Fleet graphics such as vinyl lettering, company logos, partial wraps, and full wraps enhance your brand and get your message in front of your customers.  In addition to enhancing your brand, your fleet you will afford you the opportunity of a large-scale brand and product awareness for pennies a day.  Need Ideas?  Check out our Fleet Graphic Gallery!

Truck Graphics, Truck Wraps, Trailer Wraps, Van Wraps, and Box Truck Wraps

Creative and custom vehicle graphics, lettering and logos get you noticed.  Made from high-grade, outdoor rated vinyl, vehicle wraps and lettering stay vibrant and can last for years with proper care.  Consistency across all of your vehicle graphics provide a professional impression on potential customers.  The Mighty Sign Makers help guide you through the process from concept to installation.

Effectiveness is the key

Your brand on your vehicle is good, but we can make it better.  In order to be effective advertising, it should be simple and eye-catching with a clear message.   Your car graphics may look great up close, but how does it look from a distance? If the viewer can’t easily identify the message or your brand the wrap is not effective.  Many types of vehicle graphics include window coverage.  We use a 50/50 perforated vinyl for window graphics that look great on the outside and allows you to see through the glass.   On average you will get a glance from the viewer.   The designers at Specialty Graphic Solutions work with clients from Vancouver, WA, Portland, OR and all over SW Washington.

Materials and Cost

What is used to wrap a vehicle?  Using premium cast vinyl’s we are able to ”wrap” an entire car, panel van or larger vehicle. There is a wide range of colors and finishes available including custom printed designs. Our fully removable vehicle wrap gives your car a completely new look with the flexibility to change the graphic or easily remove it completely. We can custom wrap your entire vehicle or only specific panels or windows. Our high-quality wrap materials and installation ensure the same appearance and surface texture as a regular paint finish. In addition, the film acts as a shield and guards the paint against chips, abrasions, and weathering to preserve your cars future value.

How much does a wrap cost?  The biggest question and the most difficult to answer is what is a ball-park price for a truck wrap, car wrap, trailer wrap and etc?   Pricing can vary from $150 for simple vinyl lettering and custom vinyl logo to thousands of dollars to fully wrap a large box truck or bus.  The majority of full wraps are between $2,500 and $3,500.  There are so many variables that the best thing to do is bring your vehicle by.  We will take pictures and measurements and give you estimate that is on home plate, not just the ballpark.  Remember, a quality wrap by a professional company like Specialty Graphic Solutions will last on average 3.5 years and if it is seen by only 250 people per day your advertising cost is about a penny per impression.

The Mighty Sign Makers at Specialty Graphic Solutions will help you get noticed!  Let’s Get Started!