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Need Custom Aluminum Property Signs in Portland OR? We Do That!

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Aluminum, or as the British call it “AL-U-minium,” is the most popular metal used in signage these days. It isn’t even close. Aluminum is the belle of the ball because it doesn’t decompose or rust. And, it’s one of the most durable materials around despite its low weight. And, aluminum signs project an image of quality when you’re going for a perfectly smooth finish. So, it only makes sense to install aluminum property signs in Portland, OR when you want something that’ll stand up to the Pacific Northwest weather. Let’s look at what options are available with these markers and what sets them apart. Types of Aluminum Panels If you’ve ever visited popular hunting areas, you’ve likely seen aluminum property signs that have been assaulted. Since signs are dear to us, we’d even call it attempted murder. Occasionally, ne’er-do-wells will conduct a little target practice on these remote markers. Did you ever notice that these signs were not destroyed? They’re literally bulletproof. But, not all aluminum signs are created alike. Here are the four main types of aluminum panels: Standard Aluminum Panels – Your average aluminum panel comes in three sizes: .040” gauge, .063” gauge, and heavy duty .080” thick aluminum. These panels are made of solid metal and are ideal for high traffic areas, wet conditions, and installed on heavy machinery. ARMOUR-Wood – Compared to traditional aluminum, ARMOUR-Wood signs are much stronger since they’re reinforced with a wood shell. In fact, this is the strongest of all of the rigid sign panels. In other words, these are the ones you want for your shooting range if you’re not afraid of ricochet. Dibond – Dibond panels have a solid plastic core. They’re perfect for wall-mounted signs, panels installed on posts, and smaller hanging signs since they don’t weigh much. Dibond…

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