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There’s “No Bonz About” These Fence Banners!

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Do you have a storage room that’s easily visible to people walking by? Or worse: does your business’s restroom have a giant plate glass window along a sidewalk that gets a lot of foot traffic? Rather than learning how to relieve yourself with an audience, you should consider your privacy signage options. That’s exactly what No Bonz About It did when they contacted Specialty Graphic Solutions for fence banners in Portland, OR.

Every Dog Has Its Day at No Bonz About It

Located on Northeast Sandy Boulevard in Portland, No Bonz About It has been serving area pups for fifteen years. They believe in giving dogs a full day of fun. Their goal is to make happy owners with their supervised program that produces happy dogs. With small amounts of downtime, they ensure dogs get the right combination of activity and attention. They offer exercise throughout the day, help curbing destructive behaviors, a doggie cam for owners to monitor their pets remotely, and socialization skills.

When an organization that does so much for our local four-legged friends came to us for fence banners for pet daycare centers in Portland, OR, we were ready to work our tails off. No Bonz About It’s outdoor exercise area is adjacent to a parking lot. Consequently, whenever visitors pulled into the lot or walked by, the dogs were prone to start barking. And, once one dog started, the rest would join in the chorus. Our mighty sign makers had just the solution for this.

The SGS Win-Win Solution

During the initial consultation with No Bonz About It, they asked us if there was some sort of banner we could install on their fencing to make a visual barrier between the parking lot and the puppy play area. We thought this was a brilliant idea and got right down to work on it.

We started with two large banners on 18 oz. blackout banner stock. One banner was 181.5” by 67”, and the other was 114” by 67”. For those of you keeping score at home, that’s more than twenty feet of privacy. The banners were all hemmed and grommeted. We then printed the No Bonz logo on the oversized banner along with paw prints traversing the length of the marker. This tells passersby that they’re walking by a doggy day care…with the emphasis on CARE!

With the banners in place, the dogs can now play outside without so much barking that might frustrate neighbors or pedestrians walking by. All of the dogs give it their four paws up seal of approval, and the owners love the visibility it brings to their business. Another satisfied customer!

Are there areas of your business that you’d prefer the general public didn’t see? Well, don’t let things go to the dogs. Do something about it! Banners are just one of the many solutions we offer. Window graphics are also commonly used to block large storefront windows during construction or to keep snoops from sniffing around your breakrooms or storage areas.

Are you ready for some privacy? Contact SGS today for a free consultation!