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ATM Wraps Will Market Your Credit Union or Bank! Here’s How!

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Some might say that signs are everywhere and that they’re blockin’ out the scenery and breakin’ our minds. Yet, others see a sign, and it opens up their eyes because life is demanding without understanding. iQ Credit Union wanted to block out the bland “scenery” of the plain sides of their ATM machines while opening up their members’ eyes to shared branching. So, of course, they contacted their friends at Specialty Graphic Solutions for ATM wraps for credit unions and banks in Vancouver, WA. Shout out to iQ Credit Union If you read our blog on the regular, you probably already know a bit about iQ Credit Union (iQCU). We’ll understand if you skip to the next paragraph. For the rest of you, you should know that iQCU has been providing the area with a wide array of financial services for more than three-quarters of a century. With their background serving the educational community, they now seek to boost the financial intelligence of everyone in the region. We never turn down a project with iQCU. We love working with their brilliant marketing team. So far, we have provided them with vehicle wraps, floor graphics, retail standups, point of purchase signs, several different cardboard cutouts, and a range of other office signs and graphics. This time, they called us up for ATM wraps for credit unions and banks in Vancouver, WA. We were happy to oblige. Up and ATM Our first step in the sign making process was to meet with the marketing team at iQCU. This wasn’t just because we like hanging out with them. We wanted to find out what they had in mind for this project. It turns out they had recently installed new shared banking ATMs in several of their local branches. They wanted our mighty sign…

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