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Skip Rollerblading: But Do Add a Custom Blade Sign in Portland Oregon!

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As a certain popular television show on the Independent Film Channel likes to say, “The dream of the ‘90s is alive in Portland.” And, what’s more ‘90s than rollerblading? Fortunately, Stumptown likes to take it even more old school. With Oaks Park Roller Rink and the World Champion Rose City Rollers in town, quad skating is much more popular ‘round these parts.  Custom Blade Signs, on the other hand, create buzz.

Of course, none of this has anything to do with today’s blog topic aside from us proclaiming that you should take the blades off your feet and put them on your venue. We’re talking about blade signs, and they’re all the rage among neighborhood boutiques that rely on foot traffic to drive sales. Thankfully, Specialty Graphic Solutions is your number one source for blade signs in Portland, Oregon.

Blade Signs Are Old School

Gather around, youngsters, while we tell you the story of the blade sign. It used to be that when you were starting out in the business world, it was referred to as “hanging out your shingle.” This was a simple sign that let people know that you were selling something or providing a service. The “shingle” would extend out perpendicular from your shop.

In 2017, the shingle has been replaced by a variety of different materials, including aluminum composite panels, and your blade sign can be intricate and lighted or simple. Blade signs are a must if your enterprise is situated in a strip mall, downtown, in areas with heavy pedestrian traffic, or in a venue with sidewalks in front.

You Need a Blade

Sure, anyone can find a business when they’re looking directly at it. In all likelihood, you have a building sign that is flush-mounted to your venue to make it easy for people to find your place while looking at it head-on. But, if your customers are part of the FitBit (or FakeBit) revolution, they’re probably doing some high-armed walking down the sidewalk. They’re coming at your business from a harsh angle. There’s no way they’ll see your flush-mounted sign. This is where blade signs come in handy.

Blade signs are mounted so people can see your store from far enough away that they can stop their exaggerated arm motions and enter your boutique safely. Most signs are double-sided, so consumers can see your branding as they walk up AND down the sidewalk. We can even hang your marker with ornamental brackets for added chic. And, blade signs are specifically designed to catch the eyes of people riding, walking, slithering, rolling, or biking by.

If your shop is situated in a larger business, supercenter, or arcade, you can let shoppers know where you are from great distances with a blade sign.

At SGS, our blade signs won’t cut you, but they sure look sharp when we customize them to meet the needs of your company. We don’t believe that one size fits all. That’s why we listen to your goals for your signage and come up with suggestions that fit your budget and vision.

For a free quote on blade sings in Portland, Oregon, contact our Mighty Sign Makers today!

Grab Attention of Passersby with Blade Signs in Portland Oregon

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No, we’re not talking about displaying posters of that Wesley Snipes vampire movie from the ‘90s. In fact, blade signs do not involve swords, knives, or weapons of any sort. However, they are a force to be reckoned with in the signage industry.

If your shop is situated in one of the Portland neighborhoods that gets a lot of pedestrian traffic, you could be missing out on a great opportunity to lure in new clients if you don’t have a blade sign. These markers are designed to catch the eyes of passersby and expose them to your branding. Fortunately, Specialty Graphic Solutions is your blade signs for retailers in Portland, Oregon ninja master.

Tell Me More about These “Blade” Signs

Have you ever started your own business? If so, you probably heard some old-timer make a comment about “hanging out your shingle.” You might have dismissed them as kooky, but they were making a reference to the simple sign that was used years ago to let others know that you were selling something. This shingle would extend straight out from, or perpendicular to, your building. For instance, a doctor or lawyer may hang out a shingle with a symbol for their industry.

Flash forward to the modern high-tech days, and you can find blade signs that are quite simple or lighted and intricate. We usually recommend blade signs for:

  • Areas with frequent foot traffic
  • Strip malls
  • Stores with sidewalks in front
  • Downtown boutiques

Why Use Blade Signs?

Let’s go for a mental walk. Most businesses know to put a sign over their entrance to let consumers know “Hey! We’re here!” These signs are usually flush mounted on the face of the building, so you can only see them as you approach the building head on, but here we are on our mental walk – watch out for that dog doo – and we aren’t coming up on the stores face on. We’re coming from the side. We don’t know what stores are up ahead.

Okay. Let’s stop walking now. You can count those steps toward your FitBit total. How could this above confusion about what stores are ahead be fixed? That’s right: Just install blade signs. Here are some other benefits to blade signs:

  • Stores within Stores – Do you operate a shop that’s located in an arcade (think covered passageway with shops, not video games) or within a larger business or super center? Let consumers know where you are from afar with a blade sign.
  • Get’em Coming and Going – Most blade signs are double sided so that people can see them from at least two directions.
  • Attract Traffic – Blade signs are specifically designed for people walking, biking, rolling, riding, or slithering by.

At SGS, we offer customized blade signs that are specifically tailored to fit the needs of your organization. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions. We listen to your vision for the project and come up with recommendations that fit your goals and budget.

Get started today by contacting our Mighty Sign Makers for a free consultation on blade signs for retailers in Portland, Oregon.