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Clean up Shabby Channel Letters with Sign Maintenance in Vancouver, WA

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Most sign shops will take care of the design, fabrication, and installation of your channel letters. Then, it’s almost as if they close up their shop and move to another town as they avoid your pleas for help in maintaining their new markers. The mighty sign makers at Specialty Graphic Solutions like it here, so we remain available to provide channel letter sign maintenance in Vancouver, WA. What We Do to Your Signs Channel letter signs are pretty popular in the region. This is because they make your enterprise visible at all hours of the day and night. If you don’t believe us, go for a drive in a commercial area at 3:23 am tomorrow morning. You’ll be greeted with channel letter signs. They’re one of the best tools for showing customers where you’re located and for getting your name out there. If you don’t maintain these signs, though, they can turn against you. They’ll just become a big advertisement for how you don’t pay attention to details. We don’t want that to happen to you, so we offer the following services: Electrical Component Repairs – Whether a light bulb has burned out, a pest has eaten your electrical components for dinner, or you’re having other problems with your illuminated channel letter signs, you can call our experts to fix and troubleshoot any issues. Plus, we’re able to retrofit your neon or fluorescent signs with LEDs, which will help Mother Nature as well as your utility bills. Regular Sign Cleaning – Before your channel letters can have a negative impact on your organization, it’s a good idea to have them routinely cleaned inside and out. By keeping dirt, leaves, and other debris from building up, you can extend the life of your marker and prevent malfunctions before they happen. Replacing…

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