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Hot Wheels Blue: A Mastiff-Sized Color Change Wrap

By | Car Wraps, Vehicle Wrap

Don Houfek is a man that can think big.  Like Mastiff big.  Don owns Houfek Mastiffs,  breeding and training Mastiff dogs as a “hobby”.

Don wanted a color change wrap on his 2014 Jeep Wrangler.  The Jeep came with a black on gray color scheme that just wasn’t blowing up his skirt.  There are so many color change options to choose from, so he came in to try to pick the perfect one.  After checking out some of the colors we could do, Don went old school with a metal flake in bright blue. We love this look and call it “Hot Wheels Blue” because it looks just like the cars we played with when we were young.

A vinyl wrap is the way to go with color changes.  A specialty color like metallic blue is very expensive to paint. A vinyl wrap is a much more affordable option. The best part is that if Don wants to update the color down the line and go with his second choice, purple metallic, we can easily replace the blue and in a day, he’ll drive out with a new car.

Not Your Grandpa’s Jeep

This job wasn’t as straight forward as we had originally thought.  It turns out that a 2014 Jeep Wrangler has a LOT of parts and pieces that need to come off before we can install a wrap. It seems Jeep didn’t have color change wraps in mind when they designed the modern Wrangler.  For the Mighty Sign Makers, this was just a bump in the road.

To properly install a color change there are several steps.  Just like painting your house the prep work takes the longest. Door handles, mirrors, spare tire rack and the front grill all came off.  When doing a vehicle wrap, most places just cut around the metal logos with make, model, etc. SGS doesn’t do that. When we do a wrap on a vehicle we wrap underneath these logos. So, all those things came off too (with some effort). Cutting around these logos can lead to things like seam lines, which can be a failure point. For the Mighty Sign Makers, failure is not an option.

While we were wrapping the vehicle, we noticed that Don had a screen in the back to keep a dog from jumping the seats.  Curious, we asked if that was enough room for a Mastiff.  Don smiled and said, “No problem.” He’s fit three of the big dogs back there, comfortably. This is a picture of a Don and a mastiff:

Don is not a small man. This was not a small Jeep.

Mighty Quality

Some jobs go quickly. Others, like a color change, require attention to every little detail and take more time to get right. But when a wrapped vehicle leaves our shop, it gets the Mighty Sign Maker Certificate of Awesomeness.  We treat every project like it was done for our mother. If you love your mother too then Specialty Graphic Solutions is the place to go.  Perfect is our starting point and we always exceed our customer’s expectations.