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Contractor in Portland? Vehicle Graphics Market 24/7!

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The great thing about being a contractor is that you have tens of thousands of dollars to toss around to market your company. This is why when you watch primetime television, all you see are over-produced ads for contractors featuring sports superstars and models. Yeah. This doesn’t sound realistic to us either. The fact of the matter is that contractors typically have a shoestring marketing budget. You need to be certain that your advertising dollars are going to have a high ROI. Lately, traditional media has dropped the ball in this department. Thankfully, small business owners are learning that vehicle graphics for Portland, OR contractors get the job done. Your Plain White Van Is Doing You No Favors You may be thinking, “Hey SGS, don’t vehicle graphics cost tens of thousands of dollars? You just said it was unrealistic to expect contractors to have that sort of advertising budget! What gives?” This is a common misconception. Vehicle graphics are actually more affordable than you might think. Many entrepreneurs are surprised to find out what they can do with just a modest investment. In fact, research from the world-famous everything manufacturer 3M found that you can get the same level of exposure with a $3,500 vehicle wrap as you could expect from spending $130K on TV or radio ads. Types of Contractor Vehicle Graphics Based on your organization’s needs and your budget, you can pick from numerous different vinyl graphics: Vehicle Lettering – Sure, we can put plain black letters on your plain white van, and sure, consumers would know who you are, but we also offer so much more. We can precisely match the colors and fonts found on your other marketing materials. And, you can really catch eyes with metallic, matte, reflective, and neon letters. Wraps – No, we’re…

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