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Need Giant Checks or Awards for Your Event in Vancouver?

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Do you ever see those giant checks and wonder if they can really be cashed in at a bank? Perhaps, you imagine the person going to a special oversized bank that only takes huge checks. You might envision the behemoth teller counting out special banquet table-sized $100 bills. Maybe, the recipient then buys giant groceries with it. Is this what you envision when you see these checks? Um, yeah, we totally don’t imagine that either. However, we do think about how we can produce giant checks and awards for events in Vancouver, WA.

Giant Checks Make for Great Photo Ops

Unless you live in the hypothetical giant world described above, giant checks make for great photo opportunities. If you give someone a normal-sized check, the information won’t be readable in any photos. However, your company’s name and branding will take center stage when you use an oversized check to award prize money or accentuate a donation you’re presenting to a nonprofit.

At Specialty Graphic Solutions, our mighty sign makers pride themselves on being able to make just about any signage. This includes giant signs. The checks are typically made of durable yet affordable corrugated plastic (aka, “coroplast”). We then apply a digitally-printed vinyl graphics to the face of the coroplast panel.

If you would like to reuse your check each time you make a contribution to an organization, we can use vinyl that easily takes dry erase markers. That way, you can write a check to an organization that does research on Pokémon Go addiction at one fundraiser, erase it after the event, and write a new check to support a ban on political posts on Facebook. Of course, we strongly recommend seeking out more worthy causes.

We Create Other Unique Awards too

Take a moment to check out our Wild Card Gallery. You’ll notice that we create all sorts of creative awards both giant and otherwise for people and businesses of all shapes and sizes. In fact, we’ve become one of the country’s top suppliers of trophies for dragon boat racing. We’re particularly proud of the oar awards that we’re known for. We simply take full-color vinyl graphics featuring custom designs and apply them to dragon boat oars for stylish trophies.

Of course, if you prefer to live la vida normal, we offer an array of tasteful medals, framed certificates, plaques, and more. For instance, we fabricated custom acrylic plaques with Esther Short Park Bell Tower metal silhouettes for business and leadership awards presented by the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce.

The key to creating successful awards is making sure they look good enough for the recipients to display them proudly. Oh yeah, and you also want to have your branding prominently featured so people gazing in awe at the award will be exposed to your logo. It’s like we say around the shop: NMACTBYBA, which of course is short for “never miss a chance to boost your brand awareness!”

Make your next event memorable. Contact our mighty sign makers for giant checks and awards for events in Vancouver, WA today!