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Custom Brass Plaques in Vancouver WA Great as Wayfinding Signs!

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Who doesn’t like a good brass section? You have the deep sounds of the tuba keeping the beat, the trombone with its sliding notes, and the trumpet blasting out a catchy melody. Unfortunately, we aren’t here to talk about all that jazz. Let’s get down to brass tacks or, more accurately, brass plaques. We recently had a client contact us for custom brass plaques in Vancouver, WA, and like a well-trained band, the mighty sign makers at Specialty Graphic Solutions worked together to make sweet signage music. We Provided the Top Brass We first met with the client for a free consultation to see what he wanted out of the project. The client operated a business out of his home, and he wanted a tasteful and unique solution for directing deliveries to his front door. We recommended brass for class. He thought that sounded great, and once he approved the mockups of what the finished product would look like, we got down to work. We started with handsome 16.25-inch by 4.25-inch singled sided quarter-inch-thick flat cut brass panels. The letters were done in a custom font that just screams class. The background is painted black with a satin sheen. Once the plaques were ready for installation, we worked with the client’s schedule to install them. We had to drill and tap (or is it “tapp”?) for a stud mount. Next, we added spacers to create a “floating off the wall” effect. In the end, the client was thrilled with the job we did. Now, the deliveries know where to go! Wayfinding Isn’t the Only Way to Use Brass Brass is valued because it lasts so long and is easy to clean. All you need is a little hot soapy water, your friend’s toothbrush (don’t use your own: gross), and some…

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