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Go Wild with Floor Graphics That Get Noticed

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What is a floor graphic?  Floor graphics are custom marketing tools made from a very durable vinyl and can be any shape, size and design.  They adhere to your flooring surface for short and medium term promotions and are easily removed.  Use them as directional signs for your business, attention grabbers at a trade show or to add a whimsical touch to a marketing campaign. 

Thinking these unusual marketing tools might help with your next promotion?  Check out these wild ways our customers have used floor graphics to get noticed!  Maybe they’ll inspire a great new idea for your company.

Now That’s a BIG FOOT!

The search for the Sasquatch is over – at least with iQ Credit Union’s latest quarterly promotion.  Legend has it this elusive, wild beast is well known for the large foot prints it’s rumored to leave behind. 

So it was only logical that big foot floor graphics would make a big statement as part of this fun campaign.  Any creature smart enough to elude capture for decades knows that a credit union is a great place to stash their cash, even if they don’t wipe their feet before coming inside. 

IQ Credit Union is celebrating 75 years of legendary service with these floor graphics that complement a 7 foot tall Sasquatch in every branch. Yep – we made those too.  Check it out here.  We just wonder where he keeps his debit card!

Doggone Good Rates

A few promotions ago, iQ Credit Union went to the dogs.  These great paw print floor graphics were just one element of a quarterly campaign featuring doggone good rates. The floor graphics we produced were fun for all the credit union members.  Kids & adults alike eagerly followed the dog prints in the branches. 

These floor graphics were a great way to engage iQ’s members.  They had such great success with this quarterly campaign, iQ extended it for an additional 90 days.  And guess what?  Those paw prints held up great for the whole six months.

 Helping Pets In Need

Floor graphics helped ensure an employee campaign was wildly successful by using a twist on the idea of paw prints on the ground.  The HR team at Cox Communications in Las Vegas, NV wanted to add a personal touch to their Cuddle And Snuggle Pet Needs Drive.  

When staff members donated to the drive, they received their very own paw print floor graphic with a spot for their name and the name of their lovable, furry friend.  The graphics pulled double-duty by creating a path to the collection center in the Cox offices and by recognizing the generosity of those employees who contributed.

Moose on the Loose?

Alde, a leader in heating solutions for mobile living, turns up the heat with an eye catching floor sign for their trade show booth.  The moose crossing sign makes customers look twice and creates a friendly enticement to come in to the Alde booth.  The triangle shape event points show attendees toward the backwall display. 

And get this – when the Alde team packs up the booth after a show they simply roll this four foot tall floor graphic back onto a release liner backing, carefully pack it away and the moose is ready to be re-used at the next show! 

Thinking you’re not quite sure about how floor graphics would work for your business?  This case study shows just what an impact these can have on a promotion. Installation is easy and when you’re done with the campaign, just peel them off – no big clean up required.

Are you ready to take a walk on the wild side?  The mighty sign makers at SGS Graphics can show you how floor graphics can release the beast in your next promotion.  Need signs, trade show displays, vehicle or fleet graphics instead of a marketing campaign you can walk on?  In any case, call us at (360) 635-5556 or email hello@sgsgraphic.com and we’ll help you too.  We’re just itching to be up to our elbows in alligators with another project like yours!

Keys to A Successful Trade Show Display

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A trade show can be a great opportunity to get your business “out there” and become visible to hundreds or even thousands of people who might not otherwise hear about you. Your success relies on your ability to set up a smart trade show display that best shows off you and your business. You will be competing with a lot of other businesses for eyeballs, so it’s important to do everything you can to attract people to your booth.

Use these great tips for ensuring you have the best trade show display possible!

Research The Show Beforehand

Knowledge is power. Learn about the history of the show. What sorts of booths have companies put up in the past? How much money do they spend on them? How many staff members? What you want is a booth that stands out from the crowd, but without being so far over-the-top that it seems gaudy or ostentatious. We like to look at how others style their displays for ideas and inspiration. We even have a Pinterest board dedicated to it!

Look Your Best!

If you think about it, a trade show is like a beauty pageant. People say they’re interested in personality, but they’re mostly judging on appearance. Make the best first impression you possibly can.

  • The trade show display itself should be colorful, attractive, and aesthetically well-balanced. The more professional the construction job, the better. Avoid “pictures stapled to cardboard” displays unless you absolutely can’t afford anything else.
  • Make sure all staffers are well-groomed and in attire that complements your booth and brand.
  • Keep the décor clean, tasteful, and inviting. Avoid clutter.
  • Use video if at all possible. A rear projection on the back of your booth, or even a TV, invites people to stop and watch. PowerPoint displays also work well.
 Aries Engineering uses lighting to warm up their booth to make it inviting and promote their heated floors for RVs.

Aries Engineering uses lighting to warm up their booth to make it inviting and promote their heated floors for RVs.

Be Engaging With Visitors

Never forget, your number one goal is to get people interested in your product. Your staff should be the most friendly and personable people you have.  They need to get your message into very short conversations while still sounding spontaneous – so prior to the show, rehearse ways to engage prospects. Unless you really hook a visitor, they’ll likely only have thirty seconds to a minute to get your message across.

Get Those Contacts

Ideally, no one should escape your booth without you getting their information and them getting something with information on it. A few ideas on this:

 Criterion Brock's trade show display actually has a cabinet as part of the design so staff can store materials and anything else they need for attendees.

Criterion Brock’s trade show display actually has a cabinet as part of the design so staff can store materials and anything else they need for attendees.

  • Giveaways. People can rarely resist snagging bags of free swag at these shows. Something basic like a custom-printed pen works, but it’s much better to have a unique, distinctive, or useful item so it isn’t forgotten in a drawer at home.
  • Multimedia. CDs, DVDs, or (if you have the budget) thumbdrives with presentations about your product are a great way of getting more people to see your message.
  • Raffles. A good prize will certainly get a lot of folks to your trade show display.  This can help you collect you loads of personal information quickly, but the value of most unqualified contacts is limited.
  • Food or drink. It can be tiring walking the exhibit floor. Something as basic as cookies and fruit punch can get people to stop and chat for a couple minutes while getting a little pick me up.

Don’t Forget To Follow Up!

The job isn’t over when your trade show display is torn down. Consider having an employee discreetly keep track of your best leads, maybe using a smartphone. Start making callbacks and follow-up emails as soon as you can, before they have a chance to forget you after a long day of nonstop sales pitches. The more personalized the followup, the better.


Have a trade show coming up? Talk to us and we’ll help you find a way for you to shine.  You can reach us at 360-635-5556 or at 503-766-3331.  Like filling out boxes? Click on the button below for our contact form.  Email more of your thing? Send a note to hello@sgsgraphic.com and a member of the SGS team will help you.

4 Tips About Trade Show Displays

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4 Tips About Trade Show Displays

Are your trade show displays small, scraped and a bit worn around the edges? Are you hoping to squeeze one or two more seasons out of your tired displays? Beware of making a fool’s bargain, particularly when you see other exhibitors sporting new trade show displays, custom booths, and ultra-modern retractable banner stands.

What do the experts say? Trade Show Executive, the industry insider publication dedicated to keeping a watchful eye on what makes trade shows grow, work and prosper, has crunched the numbers and published them in a research roundup. The findings are eye-opening.

1. Attend 9+ events a year

To keep in step with your competition, you need to commit to attending at least nine trade shows this year. And experts say the optimum booth size is about 200 net square feet. If your equipment cannot keep up with these minimum requirements, you might have a difficult time keeping pace with other retailers or service providers in your niche. Our customer Alde uses three different size displays so no matter space a trade show offers, they can still make an impact.

2. Be ready to sell to consumers who are ready to buy NOW

Effective exhibit displays have the power to influence the buying decisions of attendees who are already predisposed to parting with their money. Researchers discovered that 69 percent of trade show attendees were eager to buy new products. Does your current display persuasively argue in favor of buying from you versus the competition?  A professional, eye-catching display with a well-targeted message is a critical tool that helps draw in those customers who are looking for the right place to spend their money.

3. Take advantage of a captive audience

Did you know that trade show visitors spend about 8.3 hours looking at the wide variety of exhibits that businesses put up? Does your current display setup compare favorably to the competitor next door? If he has all the bells and whistles while your banner stands are broken and held together in the back with duct tape, you are missing out on making that crucial first impression a great one. In fact, some visitors might just keep walking without so much as a glance in your direction. How can you get their attention? With floor graphics! One of your best promotion strategies is under your feet.

The Humane Society of Southwest Washington uses a couple of pull-up banners to make a statement and catch the eye of people walking by.

The Humane Society of Southwest Washington uses a couple of pull-up banners to make a statement and catch the eye of people walking by.

4. Don’t get left behind growing exhibit trends

Square footage at trade shows is increasing by 2.4 percent; the number of exhibitors is growing by 1.5 percent. There are 2.9 percent more attendees walking through the aisles than there were a year ago. These new eyeballs and new competitors mean that you have to be bringing your A-game and your best display tools. And your A-game means being able to outshine your competitors. Check out how one company utilized attendees as a way to promote their brand at a convention all with the color orange.

The report from Trade Show Executive has an in-depth look at the value of participating. Of course, the most persuasive statistic is the cost of making a face-to-face contact. While it costs about $96 to do so at a trade show, you have to be prepared to spend $1,039 to persuade a consumer to walk through your door via other means. Clearly, new trade show displays are a steal when you consider the real expense of making contact with the help of other advertising tools.

We can help you find a way to show your best at a trade show.  Call us at 360-635-5556 or at 503-766-3331 if you’d like to talk about your project.  Or if you prefer, simply click on the Contact Us button below or e-mail us at sales@sgsgraphic.com.

Specialty Graphic Solutions will help you Get Noticed with indoor and outdoor signs, vehicle graphics, trade show displays, window graphics, event signage, wall murals and more.

freshen up trade show booth before and after

3 Smart Trade Show Displays

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From Mega To Mini – 3 Smart Trade Show Displays For Alde USA

If you work the trade show circuit, you know that no two audiences or trade show spaces are ever alike.  That’s why smart exhibitors plan the booth set up for each individual show.  That doesn’t mean you can’t ever use a set up twice — but it should be a conscious decision based on the message you are sending and the attendees you are trying to attract. One company that does a great job creating effective trade show displays is Alde.  The Swedish manufacturer of heating systems for recreational vehicles has been working hard this past year to get noticed in the United States.  We make 3 smart trade show display elements for Alde.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with them to produce the essential visuals they need to stand out on a busy showroom floor no matter the size of their booth.  From a 30′ show-stopping display to a simple roll-up banner, the Alde display options shown below offer 3 great examples of Mega, Moderate, and Mini exhibit displays.

This attention-grabbing 30-foot display features a large wall with a video display, interactive tablet and 3D graphics highlighting the many functions of Alde products within a typical recreational vehicle.  Brochure racks are supported by the display wall to hold literature for quick and easy distribution.

The booth set up features a spectacular miniature vehicle demonstrating how the actual components of their systems are installed in an RV.  Re-usable floor graphics allow Alde to capture the attention of attendees as they look down.  And the distinctive, triangular logo actually points visitors further into the booth and back toward the video monitor.  This inviting arrangement even has seating and – since the show is in December – color coordinated poinsettias.


When Alde needs to make a big impression but doesn’t have space or time to set up their 30′ mega display, this easy-to-assemble 20′ display system is a perfect alternative.

 Alde is set up and ready to go on the showroom floor in Las Vegas, NV. Alde is set up and ready to go on the showroom floor in Las Vegas, NV.

This lightweight and portable display can be quickly set up by just two people. Simply pop up the numbered frame pieces and then secure the fabric graphics in place. This configuration includes a front counter with fabric graphics on both sides as well as a red LED lighting around the countertop to reinforce the warm glow of Alde’s heating systems.
When the show ends, the display folds down and packs up neatly into two hard plastic cases for safe shipping and transport.


Some exhibit opportunities offer limited space.  A retractable pop-up banner is a great way to get noticed in a small space. The height commands the attention of the attendees and provides a diagram that helps Alde staff explain their unique products. The banner is over six feet tall when on display and rolls back up into its base and carry case for quick transport and storage.

These retractable banners are also a great way to add an extra message to a larger display.  For instance, the pop-up in the photo above could be used to co-brand with Winnebago in conjunction with a larger Alde display.

Alde was founded in 1949 in a small town in Sweden. They specialize in heating elements for recreational vehicles that are silent and efficient to create a comfortable and cozy environment when traveling. In 2012, Alde established a location in the United States to strengthen their position as a worldwide leader in heating technology.
At Specialty Graphic Solutions we want your company to stand out in the crowd. Call us at 360-635-5556 or e-mail us at hello@sgsgraphic.com if you’d like to talk about your project.

With the right setup and transportation is a snap, allowing you more time to interact with attendees. Need tents, banners or flags for that extra pop? We can do that too.

The Mighty Sign Makers at Specialty Graphic Solutions will help you Get Noticed with indoor and outdoor signs, vehicle graphics, trade show displays, window graphics, event signage, wall murals and more.