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Custom Graphics That Go with Dutch Brothers Scooter Wrap

By | Wild Card

Did you know the pacific northwest loves their coffee? One of the unique things about our region are the coffee stands. For someone around here, an explanation of that isn’t needed but for those unfamiliar – it is something very specific to the region. Not everyone has the fortune of numerous mini coffee drive thrus like we do! One of the standout brands in the Portland and Vancouver area are Dutch Brothers Coffee. Their friendly and familiar blue buildings are shining coffee beacons (and some locations even 24 hours a day!) to get the masses their java fix. One of the first projects we got to do with Dutch Brothers Coffee was wrapping a cart for them. They brought us a blank cart and it left blue and branded – ready to serve on the go. We’ve been on a roll lately wrapping unique rides. So when Dutch Brothers brought us a scooter, we were game. We took careful measurements and checked out database of vehicle templates to make sure our numbers were spot on. Next was the mock up process to layout the graphics so Dutch Brothers could see what the plan was. Thunderbolts bolts and lightning are….very very exciting on this scooter. The look of the scooter graphics were very dynamic. A bit of rock n roll, airbrushed portrait on a van – but even better – because these are printed. Printed graphics meant the design elements could really be pushed to be unique. If you look at the background, the texture has halftone pattern which gives it a rich, comic book appearance. The magic and wonder of our trusty large format printer! Dutch Brothers logo takes on a glowing effect and surely will get noticed and make their energy drink memorable. This Rebel is ready to rock….

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