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Exterior Building Sign for Glacier Tanks in Portland OR Increases Branding Power

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If you don’t have signage on the exterior of your venue, you’re making a titanic mistake! Even if you don’t welcome in clients to your building, your business could still sink if you aren’t working hard on your branding. Glacier Tanks realized this, so they contacted the mighty sign makers at Specialty Graphic Solutions for building signs in Vancouver, WA.

Glacier Tanks Is One Cool Company!

If you’re thinking that Glacier Tanks produces slow-moving military vehicles, you probably don’t operate a microbrewery. For the uninitiated, Glacier Tanks is a leading supplier of beer brewing tanks and accessory equipment. Situated on Northwest 114th Street in Vancouver, they’ve been an invaluable source of a broad range of industrial grade fermenters, tubing, tanks, burners, kettles, valves, and much more for about ten years now.

When a business that produces such important products to support Portland’s brewmasters came to us for exterior building signs for Portland, OR, we dropped our koozies and got down to work. Glacier Tanks knew they could count on us to make them look their best because we’d supplied them with hot blade signs and window graphics in the past. Exterior building signs were just going to be icing on their branding cake.

What We Did for Glacier Tanks

During an initial consultation, we learned about what Glacier Tanks was looking for in their new exterior marker. They wanted a sign that would represent their brand while really catching eyes. We came up with a few design and material options for them. They went with a nice aluminum and PVC number.

Once we had the go-ahead on the design, we moved at anything but a glacial pace. We started with a brushed silver aluminum composite sign panel for the backer. As you can see, it’s evocative of brewing tanks.

To give dimensionality to the sign, we created the logo using half-inch thick painted PVC logo pieces. The beautiful light to dark blue in the mountain and curved elements of the logo was achieved with a laminated digital print on the face of the blue PVC. Also, on the panel is cut vinyl text telling visitors when the company was established.

Once the sign was fabricated, we worked with Glacier Tanks’ schedule to mount the marker directly on the face of the new offices above the main entry. We did it at a time that would cause little disruption to business. We didn’t want to get between brewmasters and their brewing supplies!

In the end, they were completely satisfied with the job we did. The new exterior marker coordinates perfectly with the blade sign around the corner that we did a few months back as well as the window graphics directing customers and delivery trucks to the proper entrance.

Are your sales frozen solid? Do you need a way to get above water? Exterior signs are one of your most cost-effective marketing tools. No matter what industry you’re in, they’re your key to building your name recognition. If you’re ready to boost your branding and drive sales, contact SGS today for a free consultation on exterior building signs.