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3 Reasons For 3D Signs

By | Dimensional Letter Signs, Interior Signs, Lobby Signs

3D Signs Stand Out Let’s face it—we live in a 3D world. Yet some business signs seem to be doomed to the flat life of two dimensions. It doesn’t have to be this way.  Not when dimensional signs are available. Taking your sign designs into the same 3D dimension we all inhabit can come with some perks. Visibility Why do companies put up signs in the first place? They want people to see them, of course. Incorporating a dimensional sign adds visual interest, but it also does something much simpler, something much more important—it increases visibility.  People are more likely to notice unique signs, colors and shapes.  Adding a third dimension to a sign adds a visual element flat signs simply can’t compete with. Dimensional signs have depth.  And that increases both visibility from more angles and the chances of getting noticed. Timber Dental’s lobby sign has three tiers that help this new family dental practice stand out.  The toothbrush and company name stand off the wall with spacers to give even greater depth and interesting shadows.  The tag line is even done in raised letters that are attached directly to the wall.  The result is a sign that really pops. Special Effects One of the best things about dimensional signs is that they can actually create their own special effects.  For instance, a sign can be layered or staggered to create different visuals from different angles.  And lighting from either the front or back can create unique looks.  Shadows created by dimensional signs generate striking effects that just can’t be replicated with flat signs. The Specialty Graphic Solutions awning sign has four different depth elements.  It uses the depth between the wall and the frosted acrylic to let diffused light shine through from behind the 1/4″ thick acrylic panel. …

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