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People Have to Park, So Why Not Direct Them with Signs?

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Hilariously terrible parking jobs are enjoyable to gawk at, but they can be quite angering if you happen to be looking for a parking spot or want to access a building. For instance, cars parked on sidewalks can make it hard for wheelchair-bound visitors to get around. Or, a truck in a fire lane could make it difficult for emergency personnel to get into your venue quickly. You could hire a person to direct traffic in your parking lot. Or, you could write passive aggressive notes and place them on all of the vehicles that haven’t parked according to some unwritten guidelines. However, we thinking the easiest solution is to just call in the mighty sign makers at Specialty Graphic Solutions for parking signs in Vancouver, WA. You Gotta Have Proper Signage Clients and other guests may not have the best opinion of your organization if they can’t find parking or have trouble making their way around your campus. In fact, the spots you have reserved for customers can have a direct impact on your business’s earnings. If there’s no parking, shoppers may look elsewhere. No one wants to spend their day driving around a parking lot looking for a spot. On the other hand, you can set yourself apart from your competitors with custom parking lot signs featuring your full-color logo, company name, and other branding. If you want to be really clever, you can even set up a series of “More Parking This Way” signs leading from your competitor’s parking lot to your own. If anyone asks, though, you didn’t hear about this hack from us. Keep It Legal Your parking area must be accessible for people of all abilities according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This is where ADA signs come in handy. They’re typically…

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Smith-Root Relocates and Adds Wayfinding Signs in Vancouver WA!

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Confusion is pretty much unavoidable when you move your company into a new facility. Everyone has a new office, and no one knows where anything is. We’ve heard reports of workers getting lost for days at a time after a move. Okay, so maybe it isn’t that bad, but it can be stressful. Smith-Root wanted to assuage this confusion, so they contact Special Graphics Solutions for directory and suite signs for Vancouver, WA. Smith-Root Is a Whale of a Company Smith-Root is actually more of a fish of a company, but that isn’t a saying. They produce a number of fishery investigation products along with doing plenty of fisheries research. They have offices all over the world, but their headquarters remain right here in Vancouver. Dave Smith and Lee Root founded the business more than 50 years ago. Nowadays, they have a large manufacturing facility and supply a broad range of electrofishing and field research equipment. We especially like what they do to keep our lakes and rivers healthy. We couldn’t help but dive right into this job when such a quality company came to us for wayfinding signs for Vancouver. As of last week, Smith-Root moved into a new facility on Northeast 50th Avenue that was specifically designed for their company. We’d done plenty of work for them in the past, including this awesome boat wrap, so they knew they could count on SGS to go above and beyond. And, that’s just what we did! There’s No Getting Lost at Smith-Root! During an initial consultation, we found out that Smith-Root wanted interior directional signs and changeable nameplates that they could update and change in-house. We recommended two excellent modular wayfinding sign systems. They choose a really great curved product from SignPro Systems. The aluminum frames Smith-Root selected curve left-to-right,…

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