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3 Reasons to Invest in Wayfinding Signs

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All hail the great arrow! As symbols go, the arrow is a welcome friend. Think about one simple example – when you’re tired after a long day of travel, arrows on airport signs help you find your luggage and rental car. In the sign industry, we call these kinds of directional signs wayfinding systems.

But wayfinding signs are more than just arrows to direct visitors and guests.  Here are three great reasons for incorporating arrows and wayfinding systems into your business environment.

First – These signs are an additional way to build a brand and drive sales.  A great wayfinding sign not only serves a directional function but also markets to consumers. That’s one way some stores seem to always get you to spend more than you planned. Smart marketers are cleverly directing customers to the products they most want to sell through the use of thoughtful wayfinding signs. It’s almost like adding a silent salesperson to the team (or an extra Chef in the photo below).

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Need more ideas for what a wayfinding sign can do? Check out our Pinterest board.

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