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Picking The Best Pop Up Banner For Your Brand

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Pop Up Banners have come a long way from being painted on a chunk of canvas. And we’re well beyond the kind you make in a word processor and tape together at the office. Large format printing and new materials make it easy to give your brand some polish. Do you want to make an impression in a snap? Let’s look at what you can do with a retractable banner.

The basics: Retractable banners are designed to be portable. The banner part neatly wraps up and is protected in the case which makes for easy storage. This tool is essential for brands that travel to trade shows and need to make the most of packing space. If you happen to damage the banner or decide it’s time for a change the look to keep current – we can update the graphic.

The sizes: We have a banner size for what you need. The base is about three feet wide with the printed banner itself being about 32 inches wide. Heights available are 4, 6, and 8 feet tall. Still need to go bigger? It can be done!

The options:

 Vesta uses a table top banner to showcase sponsors for an event.  Vesta uses a table top banner to showcase sponsors for an event.

Table top – This size is great for seasonal promotions in a reception area. The table top banner also works well for smaller trade show setups when you need to be economical with space.

 The pop of color and bold design helps Salsbury & Co get noticed.  The pop of color and bold design helps Salsbury & Co get noticed.

Single – One banner to rule them all. This option makes a splash and shows off your brand. Sitting at a table? A six foot banner makes a great backdrop so attendees know who you are and serves as a visual introduction before you even greet them.

 The Sonder Project uses a trio to share their message.  The Sonder Project uses a trio to share their message.

Multiple – A trio of banners can be split up for a more flexible display approach. Each banner has its own purpose and creates an eye-catching look. Multiple banners can be used to fill space and show off your message.

Need something a bit more? We can make that happen. There’s plenty of dynamic shapes and materials to help you pop in a snap. Talk to the team at Speciality Graphic Solutions for a free quote. You can email us at hello@sgsgraphic.com or call us at 360-635-5556. You can also click the nifty button below to get in touch.

5 Reasons To Use Retractable Banners

By | Pull Up Banners

Five Reasons to Use Retractable Banners

Take your show on the road!  Or display your message close to home!  Either way, a retractable banner is an essential tool for getting your message noticed.  These 5 things make retractable banners – or pull up banners – a great marketing aid.

 The National Society of Tax Professionals' banner stand is the EZ version of trade show displays!

The National Society of Tax Professionals’ banner stand is the EZ version of trade show displays!

Easy to set up

Have a minute?  That literally is all you’ll need to set up most retractable banners.  Take the stand out of the carry case, take the telescoping pole out of the case and insert it into the stand, pull up the banner and hook it to the top of the telescoping pole.  That’s it!  You’ve got a great looking and effective display without breaking a sweat.

Easy to transport

Once you’re done, use the spring mechanism in the base to roll the graphic back up into the stand, put the telescoping pole away and use the travel case to store everything easily.  Most travel cases have a shoulder strap as well as a handle so it’s easy to put it in your car, take it with you to the airport or box it up with other display materials.  And it only weighs a few pounds – so no need for extra reps in the gym just so you can carry your banner stand to the next show.

 The Humane Society has multiple banners to maximize their message. They can be used together in a large area or separately for smaller events.

Available in lots of sizes & shapes

Need something to fill the back wall of a 10′ booth?  Got it.  Have just a table top to work with?  No problem.  Most banner stands are about 30″ – 36″ wide and 76″ – 86″ tall.  But these pull up banners come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.  From a 24 inch tall table top model to a giant 8 foot wide display,  we can create just the right banner display for your space and message.  There are even double sided stands so you can put your message out there coming and going.

Can be combined or used on their own

Want to make it a combo?  No fries with a smart, healthy combo of banner stands that create a bigger, bolder image for your display.  And with some thoughtful design, multiple banner stands can be used as a group or as individual messages to make your marketing dollars go further.

They’re changeable

Just in case your sign company didn’t tell you – those banner graphics can be changed out so you don’t have to buy new hardware every time you need to change the message.  Savvy buyers look for retractable banner stands with more robust hardware that will last longer and save money over time.

Make it a banner year for your business

Got an upcoming trade show or seasonal event?  Need help finding a great way to get noticed? Contact us for creative, effective signs and visual displays. You can reach us at 360-635-5556 or at 503-766-3331 to get started on your project. Or e-mail us at hello@sgsgraphic.com

We even deliver — on our promises and via FedEx and UPS!!