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Brand Building Blade Sign and Window Graphics for Glacier Tanks!

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When you move your business into a bigger facility, you will inevitably lose some clientele. However, you can minimize any dip in sales at your new venue by making it abundantly clear that there is a new enterprise in the neighborhood, and you mean business! Glacier Tanks realized this, so they contacted Specialty Graphic Solutions for window graphics in Vancouver. Glacier Tanks? Is that an Arctic Army Surplus Store? Not even close. If you run a microbrewery, you’re likely quite familiar with what Glacier Tanks LLC has to offer. Newly located on Northwest 114th Street in Vancouver, they’ve been selling beer brewing tanks and accessory equipment for almost a decade now. This makes them invaluable to the Pacific Northwest where the microbrew is king. They provide a wide array of industrial grade tanks, valves, tubing, kettles, fermenters, burners, and much more. When an organization that provides such important products to support our local brewers came to us for blade signs in Vancouver, WA, we put down our drinks and got right down to work. Due to their growing success, Glacier Tanks had outgrown their original location near the airport in Portland and needed something bigger. So, they recently moved their operation to a new facility right by the SGS headquarters. They needed new markers that wouldn’t break the bank since their relocating costs were so high already. We knew just what to do! We Gave Glacier Tanks the SGS Treatment One of the least expensive ways to put your name on your new venue and help clients old and new find your new spot is with simple cut vinyl door graphics. So, that’s exactly what we recommended for Glacier Tanks. We perfectly replicated their existing logo using Avery 700 high-performance vinyl, which is celebrated for its durability. We also added…

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