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Why Post and Panel Signs in Portland OR Are So Popular!

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If post and panel signs were in high school, they’d be voted the prom king and queen. And, they’re not the king and queen that everybody secretly hates. No, everyone knows they’re deserving of the honor. This is because they selflessly help out local businesses in a variety of ways. Specialty Graphic Solutions is the proud parent of these markers. Today, we’re going to look at some of the reasons why post and panel signs for Portland, OR are popular. What Are Post and Panel Signs Used for? Post and panel signage systems are used for just about everything. Take a moment to look at some of the post and panel markers we’ve produced in the past, and check out some of these solutions: Primary Identification – Thanks to their prestigious monument sign, Prestige Senior Living really lives up to their name. Their marker serves as the primary identifier on their property. These are typically installed near the entrance to your parking lot next to the road. To ensure drivers can see your building with plenty of time to safely slow down, we have post and panel monument signs of any size. Directories – Do guests know exactly where to go in your apartment complex? As a property manager, it’s your job to help guide the way. Sandalwood Condominiums realized this, so they contacted our mighty sign makers for distinguished post and panel markers featuring detailed, to-scale maps and their unique branding. Identify Tenants – From time to time, our client Felida Office Suites has professional tenants who come and go from their building. Each time there’s a change in occupancy, they have to completely replace their signage, right? Wrong! All they have to do is shoot us an email with the new tenant’s logo, and we produce a new…

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