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Legacy 6, Inc. Adds Fleet Graphics to Vehicles and Equipment in Vancouver!

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When you’re first getting your contractor business off the ground, you don’t tend to have a lot of extra cash to throw around. You’re lucky to have enough money to buy the equipment you absolutely need. So, how can you get your name out there? The smart guys at Legacy 6, Inc. knew the answer to this and contacted Specialty Graphic Solutions for contractor vehicle and equipment vinyl graphics for Vancouver, WA. Legacy 6, Inc.? Never Heard of’em In all likelihood, you’ve never heard of Legacy 6, Inc. That’s because they’re a very new construction contractor. In fact, they’re so new, they don’t have a website yet. They’re too busy making a name for themselves through their work. These hard workers are headquartered on Northeast Highway 99 in Vancouver, and they’re already members of the Southwest Washington Contractors Association. What do these young construction company owners do to grow their brand while they’re out doing the work of excavating and prepping sites for new building projects? Why, they use their vehicles and equipment to showcase their Legacy 6 brand while they drive to job sites and are busy at work. Fortunately, they contacted the mighty sign makers at SGS for fleet graphics for Vancouver, WA. These L6 Graphics Are Anything but Square Legacy 6 came to us with existing branding. Their L6 logo was reminiscent of the L7 “square” teens of yesteryear used to create with their thumbs and index fingers. In this context, it created the perfect branding for this upstart. They had a color version and grayscale version of the logo. Since we were working with an excavator and various trucks of different colors, we used the logo version that best complemented the vehicle we were working with. For instance, you can see on the bright orange truck…

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