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Brand with on Fleek Fleet Graphics in Vancouver, WA

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At Specialty Graphic Solutions, it’s our job to stay abreast of the latest trends. After all, how are we going to provide our clients with recommendations that’ll keep them looking fashionable for many years to come if we don’t know what’s fashionable? In 2017, vinyl is in. Whether you’re out on the town or just keeping it parked at home, vinyl is the way to go. Wait! What are you doing? Don’t head to the closest mall to buy up the latest vinyl clothing, unless that’s your thing. We don’t judge. We’re talking about making your fleet on fleek with vinyl graphics. Today, we’ll look at some of the ways you can boost your name recognition with fleet graphics in Vancouver, WA. What Options Are Available? Much like there are different styles of clothes, there are various types of vehicle graphics you can pick from for your fleet. But, unlike the fashion industry, the amount of material used is usually a good indicator of price. Here’s what’s currently en vogue: Full and Partial Vehicle Wraps – Full wraps are either the Chanel or muumuu of vehicle graphics: they’re your most expensive option, and they cover everything. No other graphics grab as much attention as full wraps. If full wraps are out of your price range, you might consider partial wraps, which cover anywhere from 25% to 75% of your vehicle. Perforated Window Vinyl – Vinyl window perf is like a mask for your car. It covers your windows. Before you grow concerned about your drivers getting in accidents because they can’t see anything, you should know that we only install window perf on rear windows, and the vinyl film has thousands of tiny holes that allow you to see out of your vehicle. Spot Graphics – Your work van will…

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It’s Dodge RAM Sprinter Fleet Graphics for Technology Unlimited Inc.

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Imagine this scenario: you’re sitting at work and an unmarked van pulls up. You don’t recognize the driver or the vehicle, and you don’t receive a lot of drop-in clients at your office. What’s this person up to? Do you need to call 9-1-1? This is the kind of fear you could potentially cause in your more paranoid clients if you arrive at jobsites in vehicles lacking any sort of identification. TUI realized this, so they contacted the pros at Specialty Graphic Solutions for Dodge RAM Sprinter fleet graphics for Vancouver, WA. Huey, Dewey, and TUI? No, TUI isn’t one of Donald Duck’s long-lost nephews. It stands for Technology Unlimited, Inc. They started in 1983 as an equipment and maintenance provider for the financial services industry in the Pacific Northwest. Since then, they’ve expanded to serve all of the Western United States with services like service bureau production scanning, remittance processing, check processing, branch automation, document management, cash automation, and financial maintenance, supplies, and equipment. When a successful business that provides such important services for the region’s businesses came to us for fleet van graphics for Vancouver, WA, we got to work on decals that would be right on the money. This wasn’t our first job for the TUI’s Vancouver location on Northeast 13th Avenue. Almost exactly a year ago, we produced graphics for one of their Dodge RAM Sprinters. They knew they could count on us to produce again. How We Helped TUI Out First, let’s tell you about the first van we did for TUI. The van was a light silver, so we used an Oracal intermediate vinyl in dark gray and an Avery intermediate vinyl in fire red to reproduce their logo in simple, eye-catching graphics. You can even see our own mighty sign maker Jason in…

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New Day Arborist Adds More Fleet Graphics to Modified Ford F550 Slate Bed Truck!

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Most sign companies will only offer vehicle magnets or vinyl graphics applied directly to your van, truck, or car. However, sometimes, these aren’t the best solution. We recently had to think outside of the box truck for fleet truck graphics for Vancouver, WA’s leading arborists. Read on to learn about the uncommon solution SGS’s experts came up with. Who Are These New Day Arborists? Headquartered in Ridgefield, Washington, New Day Arborist is dedicated to protecting landscape equity, providing a safe outdoor environment, and saving trees. They’re owned by Jeff Day, a board certified master arborist with over four decades of horticultural experience. They’re the only arbor service in Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington equipped and trained in tree diagnostics using sonic tomography, a cool, accurate way to detect tree damage without hurting the tree. When an organization that provides such a valuable service for the local environment came to us for Ford F550 slate bed truck graphics for Vancouver, WA, we swung into action. New Day Arborist wasn’t going out on a limb when they hired us. We’d worked with Jeff on a few projects previously, including a post and panel sign and graphics for two other trucks. Now, he wanted to take advantage of the enormous canvas on his largest truck. We Gave Them the SGS Treatment For most vehicle graphics, we apply the vinyl directly to the vehicle and call it a day. However, the specially outfitted Ford F550 rig featured ribs along the sides that would make the graphics hard to read. Fortunately, the mighty sign makers at SGS are skilled at coming up with creative solutions. First, we came up with the design. To complement the already existing graphics on the cab of the truck, we included the logo and a full tree as well as…

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