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Yummy Food Trailer Graphics for Go Go Taco!

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Perhaps nowhere in the country are food carts, trucks, and trailers more popular than in the Pacific Northwest. Just in the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan area alone, there are nearly a hundred food trucks. With so much competition, you have to do all that you can to stand out. Go-Go Taco realized this, so they called in Specialty Graphic Solutions for food trailer graphics for Vancouver, WA.

What Is a Go-Go Taco?

No, a Go-Go Taco is not a taco that is employed to entertain crowds at discotheques. It is a unique new company that offers a way for sports teams, community organizations, and schools to raise money while simultaneously providing hungry consumers with a way to enjoy tacos on the run. The secret is that it is all served in a bag.

When a business that is offering such a valuable service to our community came to us for food cart vinyl graphics for Vancouver, WA, we could not wait to go to work on it. Gina and Sean Purdom, the owners over at Go-Go Tacos, had just purchased a new cargo trailer for their company. The interior of the trailer was finished by Sean himself, but they wanted assistance with bold, bright graphics on the outside to make the trailer stand out and get noticed. They came to the right sign shop!

How We Helped Go-Go Taco

Before we could actually get down to printing and installing the graphics, there were a few initials steps we needed to take to make sure we did the job right. First off, we wanted to know what sort of canvas we were working with, so our friendly experts measured the actual trailer to determine placement of key design elements and avoid any hardware on the trailer.

Go-Go Taco has already designed their graphics based off of their existing logo: the speedy bagged taco on wheels. They just needed us to print and install vehicle graphics based off of this design. This was not a problem for the mighty sign markers at SGS. To ensure the silver taco bag in the large logo wasn’t too pixelated and the colors would reproduce properly, we worked closely with the Purdoms printing out sample, full resolution swatches.

Once they were happy with the graphics, we printed them out on Oracal 3165RA print vinyl with air release technology and used Oracal 210 Luster laminate. This is excellent intermediate vinyl intended for use on flat surfaces like their trailer. This saved Go-Go Taco a few bucks in the end.

They dropped off the trailer in the morning, and we had their new decals installed and ready for them by the middle of the afternoon. The end result was another happy customer!

We Supply Graphics for Any Vehicles

You don’t need to own a taco cart to benefit from vehicle graphics. We also provide wraps for taco boats, taco cars, and any vehicle that has absolutely nothing to do with tacos. If you are interested in turning your food truck or other automobile into a billboard on wheels, contact SGS today for a free consultation!