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What Can You Do with Frosted Vinyl Window Graphics in Vancouver WA?

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This blog entry would be a lot shorter if the question was “What can’t you do with frosted vinyl window graphics in Vancouver, WA?” About the only thing we’ve been able to come up with is that frosted vinyl window graphics probably can’t get Brad and Angelina back together, no matter how hard we try. But enough about the important current events, how much would you pay a professional glass etcher to etch your glass if a professional glass etcher could etch glass? This isn’t a quaint riddle when you’re shelling out thousands of dollars for that distinguished look. Fortunately, the mighty sign makers at Specialty Graphic Solutions have a tool up their sleeves that can give you this look at a fraction of the cost of bringing in a glass worker. What Are Frosted Vinyl Window Graphics? Also referred to as etched vinyl, frosted vinyl window graphics are basically a hot new vinyl film that’s designed to mimic etched glass. This adhesive film is designed to work on glass doors, windows, mirrors, and more. While you may already be excited and calling us up for this vinyl, please let us finish. You may be interested in knowing that we can even incorporate your branding into these graphics using our precise plotter. Uses for Frosted Vinyl Window Graphics For those of you who have no clue why anyone would ever want frosted vinyl, we’ve put together these useful ideas: Hide Your Dirty Secrets Okay, so you don’t need to have dirty secrets to want a little privacy. With the ever increasing popularity of floor-to-ceiling glass panes surrounding meeting rooms, it can be a bit distracting trying to meet with a client while nosy Nellies are looking in through the windows to see what’s going on. Sure, it’s nice to get…

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