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How Are Vehicle Graphics and Wraps Removed?

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When we’re not busy wrapping vehicles, installing cabinet signs, or otherwise serving the Southwest Washington/Northwest Oregon business communities, we at Specialty Graphic Solutions love to watch Netflix. And, we’ve recently fallen in love with “Haters Back Off!” In one episode, the uncle, in his quest to make his unpopular YouTube video-making niece famous, decides they need to go on tour. To him, the obvious first step in going on tour is self-installing a vehicle wrap that covers everything except his minivan’s windshield. So, with no tour dates set up, they go on tour and are promptly pulled over for driving with all of the windows covered. The uncle’s solution is to just smash in all of the windows rather than removing the wrap. Fortunately, at SGS, we have better solutions. Below, we’ll answer the question, “How are vehicle graphics and wraps removed?” Heat, Details, Clean Up Your graphics should be removable without any damage to the original paint job underneath as long as the wrap wasn’t installed right after the vehicle was painted and the vinyl wasn’t left on for years past its original warranty. There are three basic stages to the removal process: heat, details, and clean up. First, one of our installers is given a blow torch. Don’t worry: he knows what he’s doing. The vinyl is then lightly heated with the flame beginning at a seam or an edge. Next, the vinyl is pulled from the vehicle. The key is to find the right amount of heat. If you use too little, the vinyl will stay put. With too much, you get a smoking, burnt mess. The detail stage takes place once the large patches of vinyl are gone. To get rid of the small pieces of vinyl that are still clinging on for dear life, we…

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