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4 Types of Illuminated Signs for Your Portland Business!

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When the sun goes down, do customers need a police spotlight to locate your business?  Or, maybe the dark appearance of your storefront at night causes people to wonder if they’re safe doing business with you. If either of these sound like your store, then please consider purchasing exterior illuminated signs Portland OR consumers will notice. Here are some of the top options your enterprise can’t survive without. 1. Channel Letters If you think of KATU, KGW, KOIN, or other call letters for local television stations when you hear of “channel letters,” you’d only be almost completely wrong. You’d be partially right because we can assure you that these channels use channel letter signs on the exterior of their building to advertise their station. Channel letters are the most popular type of illuminated exterior building signage. We can create attractive plays of shadows and lights on your building’s façade by using different styles of channel letter signs. For instance, the reverse lit, or halo lit, channel letters let the light out of the back of the aluminum letters. Or, you can go with the standard front lit letters that shine light through an acrylic face. 2. Lightbox Cabinet Signs Lightbox cabinet signs will shine a little light on any marketing needs. The cabinets are typically made of extruded aluminum and painted with car grade paint and a powder finish to help these signs stand up against the nonstop winter rain. And, a plastic or acrylic face with your business’s name and logo give this marker its signature look. These signs can be mounted directly to your building. 3. Monument Cabinet Signs Monument cabinet signs are the lovechild of lightbox cabinet signs and monument signs. They do a superior job of attracting the attention of motorists and pedestrians alike. Monument cabinet signs can incorporate…

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