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Flying High with Interior Dimensional Lettering in Portland Oregon!

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Our mighty sign makers have been in training for years in a variety of conditions. Most of their work is serving the local business community, but they’re always keeping up with the latest technology and trends so that they’ll be prepared for anything. Little did they know that one day they’d be called on to serve their country. That’s precisely what happened when the 304th Rescue Squadron contacted Specialty Graphic Solution for interior dimensional lettering in Portland, Oregon. Who Are These Fly Guys and Gals? Situated at the Portland Air National Guard Base, the 304th Rescue Squadron picks up where the previous 303 rescue squadrons left off. Commanded by Lt. Col. Thomas J. Stephens, they’re an Air Force Reserve Command combat-search-and-rescue unit that trains personnel with equipment to achieve and maintain the capability to perform combat rescue missions both day and night. Their missions include searching for, locating, and recovering US Air Force and other Department of Defense personnel involved in defense activities. When a group that does such an important job serving our country came to us for dimensional lettering for training rooms in Portland, Oregon, we were happy to come to the rescue. The 304th Rescue Squadron wanted to display their mission in their briefing/training room. Fortunately, our mighty sign makers were up for the mission. What We Did for the 304th Before we start any project, we like to meet with the client to see what they have in mind. Based on the 304th Rescue Squadron’s goals, we suggested dimensional letter. They liked the idea, so we created some art proofs of what the finished marker would look like. The hard part was locating the CO (military speak for commanding officer or base commander).  You see, nothing gets done without the CO giving approval. And, we had…

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