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custom kitchen photo wall backsplash

Creative Backsplash Ideas

By | Wild Card

Making a Backsplash With Creative Wall Graphics

Here is a creative backsplash idea you will love.  A Creative Custom Backsplash can really change the look of a kitchen. Most people look at samples of tile to decide which would best suit their space and taste.  But one client of ours wanted to make a particularly creative and personal statement with her home remodel by creating a backsplash wall mural using her own photographs. 

When she called asking us if we’d ever done this kind of work, we had to admit it was new to us.  But that wasn’t a concern for us.  We absolutely love working on fun and different projects like this!

The Process

To start the process, the client provided pictures of her kitchen with the walls marked where the images would be placed. Next, she uploaded personal photos that would be used to create the design so placement could be arranged. Fortunately, she had very high-resolution photos that reproduced cleanly even at very large sizes – she has a great camera!!  Working with her selection of photos, we laid out various design combinations to choose from.

Next, to ensure the original measurements provided by the client were correct, butcher paper was taped directly onto the kitchen walls and all the edges were traced by hand. This allowed us to double check how the wall graphic panels would fit on the walls and ensure all the dimensions and angles were factored into the final product. We also used the butcher paper to mark the placement of all electrical outlets so they were properly placed into the design.

Using these templates, we custom cut individual PVC panels to correspond with each of the photo segments that would be displayed on the backsplash.  We then had the panels delivered to the client’s home and made a few last minute hand trimming adjustments to ensure a superior fit for the back-splash.



The images were printed on commercial grade exterior sign vinyl and then finished with a protective matte overlaminate.  The laminated prints were then installed on the carefully cut PVC panels.   These materials were selected because they are designed to stand up to outdoor conditions and should hold up – even in the tough environment of a family kitchen.  When the process was finished, we essentially had a group of giant tiles ready to be installed in her kitchen.

The new backsplash was a part of a broader remodeling project in her kitchen, but even though she had a contractor doing much of the work she was able to install the wall graphics herself.  She simply used an adhesive between the PVC and the walls and then sealed the edges thoroughly with a silicone caulk.

She loves her one-of-a-kind Creative Custom backsplash.  And that’s just the kind of ending we like for any of our projects.  A great looking visual & a happy customer!  It all started with creative backsplash ideas.

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