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Eye-Grabbing Trade Show Display for Swanson Bark & Wood!

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You only have three to six seconds to draw attendees in for a closer look at trade shows. You could try training dolphins to juggle fire. People are sure to be interested in that. But, chances are you don’t have the budget or patience for that. The next best option is breathtaking trade show graphics. Swanson realized this, so they contacted the mighty sign makers at Specialty Graphic Solutions for trade show displays in Vancouver, WA.

We’re Not Talking TV Dinners

The “Swanson,” in this case, is Swanson Bark & Wood, and they aren’t one of those lumber businesses that supplies wood products at the expense of their workers and Mother Nature. Instead, from their headquarters on Tennant Way in Longview, they’re more focused on safety, quality, and sustainability. They’ve delivered wood products throughout the country and beyond for over 85 years. They offer biomass, rock, custom soil blends, mulch, and more.

We were more than happy to provide assistance when a company that has been providing work to the area for so long came to us for trade show graphics in Vancouver, WA. This wasn’t our first time working with Swanson. Back in May, we produced a lobby sign featuring their new branding. This time, they needed to update the look of an existing display in time for a big upcoming trade show. They knew they could count on us.

Our Trade Show Displays Are Anything but Conventional

Swanson already had a sturdy, solid tabletop display that they really liked, but the graphic panels were tired and old. Rather than producing a totally new exhibit for them, we thought we’d save them money by producing new graphics on new panels to show off their new look. They had their design firm provide us with the new graphics files. We then sat down with Executive Administrator Kris Burstall to figure out which materials would be best to make this display practical to use and visually effective.

Based on the consultation, we produced the new panels on .030 styrene. We added full-color digital prints and a protective matte laminate face. The laminate minimizes scratching, which is a must since these graphic panels travel around a lot and also sit in storage. We chose a laminate with a matte finish to avoid reflection from the bright lights of the convention centers and exhibit halls detracting from the overall appearance of the exhibit. Finally, to allow for easy mounting of the fabric face display system, we incorporated Velcro.

The original display featured a top center panel on a different material that had a translucent print to allow for backlighting. We suggested they move away from this and just use the same opaque styrene for all three of the top panels since it was going to have the same image across the top and would look funny with ambient light shining through the center panel and not the others. Kris agreed with our assessment.

In the end, we produced a nice, sleek look for the whole booth. And, we got a report from Kris that everything fit perfectly and went up smoothly. They really loved the new display appearance, and the panels are carefully stored away until the next show.

If you want your next trade show to be successful, contact SGS today for trade show graphics!