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Design the Perfect Lobby and Logo Sign

By | Lobby Signs

You know, as a business owner, that lobby and logo signs are a crucial aspect of your company’s signage collection. They help make an impact by letting your visitors know who you are, where you’re located and what you’re all about. But perhaps you’re overwhelmed by the choices for your lobby and logo sign. What materials are best? What colors? And which size? These critical questions will be answered in this helpful blog post, so read on to learn more. Lobby and Logo Sign Materials Your interior lobby and logo sign can be made out of various materials—in fact, in this case, there are many options. Wood may be a good choice for a construction company to show off what they can do. Imagine an imposing yet professional polished wood sign advertising your construction work. Or, perhaps you’re a modern architecture company that wants clients to know that you can work with many different materials. In that case, an acrylic panel that mimics the look of glass could be best. The only limit with supplies is your imagination. Color Choices With your lobby and logo sign, it is usually best to go with your company’s brand color scheme. This will prevent any confusion from your visitors or clients. However, in some instances, you can get away with a different color scheme if you’re in the process of rebranding. But again, be careful. Consistency is key with color schemes and branding. Size Matters When it comes to lobby and logo signage, be aware of the size of your particular sign. If you’re a law firm, perhaps big and bold is the way to go. But maybe you’re a small consulting group that wishes to be subtler in your sign choice. Whatever size you choose for your lobby and logo sign, again,…

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