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Law Firm Matches New Building Sign to Lobby Sign! Brand Building at Its Best!

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GPS is good for a lot of things. Yet, it does have its limitations. For instance, you still need to use common sense, or you might end up driving into a lake. Also, the accuracy isn’t perfect, so it can often get you close to where you need to go, but you need to keep your eyes peeled for the specific location. This is where building signs come in handy. Angus Lee Law Firm realized this, so they contacted the mighty sign makers at SGS for dimensional letter building signs in Vancouver, WA.

 Their new building sign...

Their new building sign…

What Does Angus Lee Law Firm Do?

Angus Lee Law Firm is the law practice of Jennifer and Angus Lee. They defend cases throughout Washington from their location on Northeast Highway 99 in Vancouver. Their criminal cases include homicides, DUIs, and other criminal cases. They’ve even argued cases in front of the Supreme Court for the state and the Washington Court of Appeals. Both Angus and Jennifer have served in the United States Marine Corps, and both believe in giving back to the community.

 ...matches their lobby sign!

…matches their lobby sign!

We’d have to enter an insanity plea to pass up the opportunity to assist such upstanding members of our region when they came to us for exterior building signs for law firms in Vancouver, WA. This wasn’t our first time working for Angus Lee. The firm had us design and install lobby signs in their new building back in April, so they knew they could count on us to win the case. We didn’t let them down.

If Making Perfect Signs Is a Crime, We’re Guilty!

The lobby sign was phase I of the new firm’s branding. The building sign was phase II. The lobby sign already welcomes in visitors to the building and lets them know they’ve found the right place. Now, they needed a way for clients to find the building from far away. A new building sign was a must. We designed it to complement the interior lobby sign by featuring the Angus Lee logo.

We started with two 3mm thick white aluminum composite sign panels that were three and a half feet tall and more than eleven feet wide combined. We then added painted PVC letters with brushed gold laminate plus a gold laminate border around the whole sign. Brushed gold is an excellent way for law firms to showcase their professionalism. We then used red vinyl as a finishing detail to complete the logo.

Once the sign was fabricated, we worked with Angus’s schedule to install the new marker on the face of their two-story brick office building using our cherry picker. As you can see, the new building sign looks terrific during the day, and thanks to the spotlighting, it is attention grabbing at night. In the end, Angus Lee Law Firm decided they’d press charges for excellent sign making and outstanding customer service. We plead guilty.

Are you tired of customers giving up on finding your storefront or offices and going to your competition instead? If so, contact SGS today for building signs that’ll make you stand out.

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