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Don’t Let Your Walls Feel Like a “Wallflower!”

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For the sake of illustration, let’s say you’re at a cocktail party. You don’t know many people there, so you decide to get to know some of the attendees. You see someone standing by himself at the other end of the room and choose to strike up a conversation. You start out by extending your hand: “Hi, my name is Kelley. How are you?” *crickets* “How do you know the host?” *nothing* How would you react to this? Most of us would walk away and assume that the wilted wallflower didn’t want to meet anyone and needed to be left alone. Well, this is exactly what your business is telling people if it lacks lobby signs. Vancouver consumers want to feel welcome when crossing the threshold of a company for the first time. This can be achieved with reception area signs. Freshen Your First Impression Anything you ever read about lobby signs will tell you that this marker will contribute to the first impressions clients have of your enterprise. This is true. If you lack a reception area sign, many consumers will assume you have something to hide, since in general, those who are doing something illegal or morally questionable don’t want people to know who they are. In other words, Al Capone never had a lobby sign. Of course, most businesses without a lobby sign are aboveboard, but having a quality custom lobby sign will show that your company is legitimate, professional, and trustworthy. Take Customers on an Exotic Cruise through Your Company Culture Your reception area is the perfect place for you to really help clients get to know your brand. Whether your business is intricate or simple, lighthearted or serious, you can create the right type of atmosphere with reception area signs. With our custom made signs,…

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