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Types of Materials for 3D Letters in Vancouver WA

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Have you ever seen an Italian restaurant with an exterior sign made out of spaghetti? What about a jeweler that uses diamonds to create their primary identification marker? These are both excellent ideas for branding these types of enterprises, but why haven’t we seen it done? Most likely, these businesses failed to dream the impossible.

At Specialty Graphic Solutions, we pride ourselves on making the impossible a reality. With a few simple tricks, we’d easily create the above signs. How? Well, you’ll just have to read today’s blog about the different types of materials for 3D letters in Vancouver, WA.

Aluminum Letter Signs

Aluminum isn’t just for holding your Crystal Pepsi. 3D letters can be made completely of aluminum, or they can have an aluminum laminate. We generally only offer solid aluminum letters of up to half an inch thick, but when you use a laminate, the sky’s the limit (as long as the sky is about four inches thick.) Laminates can be applied to substrates like acrylic, high-density urethane (HDU), and acrylic. We then paint the edges of the substrate to simulate the solid metal appearance.

Once we’ve cut the letters to match the fonts you use in your other marketing materials, we coat, polish, or brush them with a polyurethane enamel of your choice. We can make them shine like diamonds. We then install the letters with spacers for a dimensional look.

Acrylic Letter Signs

Flat cut acrylic letters are ideal if you want to give your exterior signage a professional appearance. Like the thinner aluminum letters, acrylic letters are standoff mounted to create dimensionality. Acrylic is also a great laminate on PVC and HDU. OMG! PVC is also used for 3D letters. All of these options are available in custom colors. You can make your letters match what you happen to be wearing today! We only recommend you do this if you wear the same thing every day.

Wooden Letter Signs

Does your organization specialized in organic, free-range, grain-fed, fair trade, gluten-free, GMO-free, 100 percent natural products? If so, wood letters are the best way to complement your branding. Walnut, pine, maple, alder, cherry, and mahogany woods are commonly used. If you’re in need of a temporary exterior signage option, medium-density fiberboard may be preferable. If you’re looking to save the rain forests, we recommend using materials that can mimic wood, such as:

HDU Letter Signs

Also referred to as sign foam, HDU letters are a more durable and environmentally-friendly alternative to wood. They won’t crack in harsh weather and are resistant to moisture and rotting. Plus, we can apply digitally-printed vinyl faces to the letters. For instance, you might consider adding high-resolution images of spaghetti to your dimensional HDU letters. Just a thought.

We’ve done it again: we’ve given you too many options to pick from. I guess, the only solution is for you to contact the Mighty Sign Makers at SGS and let us listen to your goals for your project, so we can come up with ideas specific to your needs. To get started, call us today for a free consultation on types of materials for 3D letters in Vancouver, WA.