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Metal Lobby Signs Offer a Professional Look!

By | Interior Signs, Lobby Signs

What does a professional look like? Perhaps, you envision someone in a nice suit. Or, maybe the Blazers’ star point guard Damian Lillard comes to mind. Some of you may even think of that one ‘90s movie with Natalie Portman in it. Well, at Specialty Graphic Solutions, we immediately think of metal lobby signs for Vancouver, WA when we’re asked for professional signage. Fortunately, we work in the signage industry, and this isn’t a weird response at all. Check out some of our handiwork: Aluminum Panel Lobby Signs One of the most affordable metal options you will find on the planet is aluminum. It’s also valued for its durability and versatility. That’s why we often recommend it to companies looking for a professional appearance that won’t break the bank. Astadia was just such a company. We reproduced their complex company logo perfectly using digitally printed adhesive vinyl. We added a brushed metal finish to add texture to the sign to make it really stand out. Raised Letters with Brushed Metal Finish Speaking of brushed metal finishes, we produced raised letters, also called dimensional letters, for one of our favorite clients, iQ Credit Union, featuring the brushed metal look. Raised letters are an excellent way to make your name pop out at visitors. We can installed spotlighting hidden near plants, or your reception area markers can be installed on a focal wall with plenty of lighting to produce an elegant play of light and shadows. Gold Laminate Lobby Signs Obviously, if we were all as rich as a certain GOP presidential candidate, we’d have lobby signs made out of pure gold. Unfortunately, we don’t all have that kind of money (or hair). Not a problem! We’re able to take the thinnest of gold laminates and apply them to just about any…

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