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Opening a New Business in Vancouver WA? What Signs Do You Need?

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Have you ever heard of the term “hang out a shingle”? It has become synonymous with starting a new business. Presumably, it got its origins because one could conceivably just put a little sign out front of their home or brick-and-mortar establishment and business would flood in. Sounds a little far-fetched, doesn’t it? These days, all the shingles in the world will put a roof over your head, but you need more than that to get clients to knock on your door. In fact, clients should be able to just walk in without knocking, but that’s for a different blog. Today, we’re going to explore the best new business signs for Vancouver, WA. Lobby Signs What’s the first thing customers see when they enter your place of business? Is it someone’s eyes peeking over a tall counter? Is it rows upon rows of chairs? Is it a “Caution Wet Floor” sign? None of these are all that helpful. If you want to impress consumers, let them know they have found the right place, and build your new brand, you need reception area signs. We have these in a variety of flavors, including metal, acrylic, PVC, and sign foam. We don’t recommend eating them, though. Window Graphics There are a lot of things that window graphics and lettering can do for your storefront. With the right graphics, you can actually enter consumers’ minds and influence their buying decisions. You might expect to spend millions of dollars on this type of technology, and we wouldn’t stop you, but you can really achieve this effect for much less. Window graphics are excellent for highlighting photos of your best-selling products and services. You can also publicize your grand opening date and special sales. Menu Boards If you run a restaurant where patrons come up…

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Postal Connection Adds New Location Signs in Hazel Dell WA!

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Opening a new business is a lot of work. You have to secure the proper licenses, hire employees, buy equipment, rent a venue, pay off the mob, and have plenty of product. In the rush to open their doors to the public, many organizations forget about their signage. These companies don’t last long. Postal Connections understood the importance of having the right signage, so they contacted the mighty sign makers at Specialty Graphic Solutions for new business signs in Hazel Dell, WA. Postal Connections Does More than Just Snail Mail Busy individuals and small businesses turn to Postal Connections for all of their “back office” needs. They essentially serve as their clients’ packer and shipper, personal mailroom, outpost for passport photos, photocopy department, communications center, gift shop, and more. They take care of everything from notarizing documents to receiving personal business faxes. Across the United States, they have dozens of storefronts. The one near us is in Hazel Dell on 78th Street at Highway 99. When a company that does such a great job of helping out local households and enterprises came to us for new location signs for Hazel Dell, WA, we were more than happy to help. As discussed in our last blog, we produced a halo-lit logo sign for Postal Connections. Even before the logo sign, though, owners Adrienne Boynton and Tom McNabb (her father) had both worked with us in their other endeavors. They knew they could count on us to deliver. We didn’t disappoint! How We Helped Postal Connections Adrienne and Tom needed a way to get noticed in their new location. After listening closely to their goals and vision for the project, we came up with a number of recommendations that would fit their budget and help them brand. Below is a bulleted list…

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