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Office Signs and Graphics to Make Your Interiors Pop!

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Have you ever walked into an office, store, or suite and instantly recognized that the business hasn’t updated its interior since the ‘80s? What did this tell you about them? Or, worse yet: have you neglected your interior design since the Reagan Administration? What do you think this says about you? Unless you run a store for retro fashions, ‘50s diner, or are attempting to trick people into thinking they’ve traveled back in time, having a tired, old office interior will show customers, clients, and workers that you don’t pay attention to detail or that your company is just trying to get by financially. As materials start to show wear and tear, fashions change, or you just want your office to be more motivating and bright, you’ll want to redesign the inside of your facility. Now, if you’re thinking that you don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on a remodeling contractor, you may be right, but we have a more affordable solution for you: custom office signs and graphics for Vancouver, WA. Back-Lit Lobby Signs One of the best ways to welcome your reception area to 2015 is with back-lit lobby signs. These are the markers that state of the art tech firms are ordering to show that they stay ahead of the trends. There are several options available. We typically use some combination of aluminum and acrylic with LED lighting. We use LEDs because they’ll help you save on your electric bills, and they last for a long time. The light can either shine through transparent faces or come from behind to produce a halo effect on the wall around the sign. Wall Graphics Does your organization have a rich history that you would like clients and employees alike to know about? You can display your…

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