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How To Get Noticed On a Daily Basis

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We are always looking for unique ways to get noticed. This time, it was some handmade signs that were drawing attention on public transit that were demonstrating how to grab attention. The New York City Subway Sign Experiment provided a lot of laughs and a profound lesson about effective signs. Find out how a simple sign can make MTA conductors smile and get more than 1 million views on YouTube.

Even if you rode the New York subway every day, you may never have noticed a black and white band on the wall at every station. Conductors have to point at them at every stop to demonstrate that they are alert to comply with Metropolitan Transportation Authority policy.

Two creative commuters, Yosef Lerner and his partner Rose Sacktor,  wanted to make things more fun. They held up their own signs at 8 stations with sayings like “You are dead sexy” or “Have you seen any naked passengers today?” The video shows how much passengers and conductors appreciated the effort. The signs broke up the routine and added something new and exciting to the environment.

So, what does this mean for your business signs? These are 5 points to keep in mind:

Add humor: Appropriate humor lightens up any communication. Catch people by surprise and keep it good natured.

Offer variety: Keep your signs updated. People may start to tune out the same old messages. Rotate your signs and adapt them for holidays and other major events.

Consult experts: People who specialize in graphics and signage can help you make better signs. Learn more about design and sustainable practices.

Collect feedback: Ask people what they think of your signs. Find out what elements they like and don’t like.

Use social media: Share your best signs. Put them up on your website or Facebook page.

Lerner put it best. He says to let people know you made a sign just for them. Show that you notice them and recognize them as human.

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