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Dogs Are People Too! “Barking” Up Your Exterior Signs!

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Moving a business is a big chore! There are tons of things to remember, especially how your new storefront will look. Your goal? To make sure the place is attractive on the outside and reels in foot traffic. There are utility hookups and vendors to deal with. There’s so much stuff going on you end up dog-tired at the end of the day.

And, you must ensure your floors are comfortable enough for four-legged friends. Okay, maybe not all businesses need to take this step, but this was a need for Canine Utopia, who came to us for must-have, pre-grand opening feature: new exterior signs for their Vancouver pet store!

A Little About Canine Utopia

Recently relocated to Northeast 78th Street in Vancouver, Canine Utopia is a small local company run by Evan and Jason, both natives of Washington. They were tired of driving to Oregon to get food for their three dogs, so they decided to open up their own shop in 2011. Canine Utopia focuses on supporting the local economy and helping cats and dogs maintain a healthy diet.

This wasn’t our first time working with Canine Utopia. At their previous location, we provided them with sandwich board signs and window graphics. We produce vinyl window graphics all the time for local businesses, but this job was unique. Before we get into that, we need to tell you about Evan and Jason’s dog Hera.

Hera is a French bulldog. Her favorite pastime is just lounging in the sun, while her brothers run around. Hera was the model for the Canine Utopia logo and the large vinyl graphics on the new shop’s doors.

Exterior Signs Made with Dogs in Mind!

We designed, produced, and installed all of the frosted vinyl window graphics for this “Utopia.” In addition to Hera’s silhouette, we also created grass along the base of the windows to round out the look as well as disguise the base of the shelving system.

Canine Utopia’s new location already had a lightbox with polycarbonate sign panels above the store’s entrance, so updating the building sign was a walk in the (dog) park. To keep their branding consistent, we printed their existing logo on vinyl using our wide format digital printer. We included “Pet Supplies” in big easy to read letters to attract foot traffic and motorists alike.

Match Building Signs to Your Industry

Are your exterior signs starting to look kinda ruff? Or, perhaps you’re moving your business into a new dog house? Whatever your reasons are for needing new signage, we will work like a dog to make your storefront stand out.

We are particularly proud of our vinyl window graphics. Our mighty sign makers can render any images or shapes on vinyl. This is the smart solution for boosting your brand. Vinyl graphics are ideal for posting your hours of operation, contact information, company name, website, and other details.

Are you chomping at the bit (how did that horse reference get in here?) to start marketing your new storefront? For a free consultation or quote, contact the pros at SGS today, and we’ll have you looking your best in two shakes of a dog’s tail.