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Retail Stores Signs in Portland: When Only the Best Will Do!

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There are a lot of ways to get people to come to your store. You can advertise your products at ridiculously low prices then have a large alligator guarding the items so you don’t have to sell them at a loss. You could convince the local election board to make your store a polling location. Or, you could just have Specialty Graphic Solutions create sweet exterior signs for you.

Anyway, we’re not here to talk to you about ways to get people into your store. Today, we’re going to show you how to get people to flash their plastic once they’re inside your shop by examining the ABCs (“always be closing!”) of retail store signs in Portland, Oregon.

Wall Graphics

We’re getting an increasing number of calls from retailers looking for vinyl wall graphics. This is because they can be used for just about anything. Digitally printed wallpaper is the ideal way to change your interior décor since it’s faster, more affordable, and less stinky than painting. Showcase people enjoying your products with wall murals. Or, point the way to bestsellers and sales items with wayfinding wall decals.

Point of Purchase Graphics

When we’re given longer to think about buying something, we sometimes talk ourselves out of it. But, in the spur of the moment, we fill our carts with banana slicers and spider catchers. If you’re interested in driving those “spur of the moment” purchases, point of purchase signs are a must. POP markers are also ideal for promoting deals that are only available at your register, like signing up for store credit cards.

Cardboard Cutouts and Banner Stands

Banner stands and cardboard cutouts are both excellent additions to your retail space indoors and out. They help you advertise big promotions. For instance, if you have a “50% off when the Timbers Shutout Their Opponents” deal each season, let people know about it with cutouts and banners that block their walkway!


You can magically turn shoppers into customers through the power of posters. And, you really put consumers in the buying mood when you combine your efforts with images evocative of seasonal sales or special promotions. These posters can be stuck to a wall or mounted on a stand near the shelves where you stock your specialty products or at registers.

Menu Boards

Menu boards are a fixture in most eateries. They serve several purposes, such as displaying vibrant photos of your top dishes, complementing your interior design, and boosting your brand awareness. We typically group menu items by dish type for easier readability. For example, a Mexican restaurant would have separate sections for burritos and tacos, so diners don’t end up confused by how their tortilla is folded.

Let’s Get Started

Let’s discuss the signage you’ll need for your upcoming marketing campaigns. When you contact our mighty sign makers, we’ll work with your budget and goals. We create recommendations that are specifically tailored to your vision. Do some clicking below or dial us up to get retail store signs in Portland, Oregon today!