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The Perfect Retail and POS Displays

By | Point of Purchase Signs, Retail Signs

Have you ever wondered why the candy bars are always next to the cash registers at grocery stores? As you watch the conveyor take your food far away from you rumbling stomach, you might be tempted to buy one of those candy bars. Maybe you do. Those candy bars are where they are for a reason. There’s a good chance you’re hungry after food shopping and once you’re in line, there’s nowhere to go but to the lonely streets of Chocolate Bar City, where everyone regrets. This precise type of marketing can be done with signs too. Using the clever deployment of retail and point of sale signs, you can increase the visibility of your products at the most beneficial place. Pick the Best Spot Retail and point of sale signs are meant to display products and specials in a way that focuses attention on products you want to sell. But they have to be placed carefully and have the right kind of message. You don’t want to trick people into purchasing your products, you want to show people the top qualities of your products at a place they’ll be noticed. For example, like the candy bars at the checkout counter, you might want to put an advertisement for your member rewards service at the point of sale (POS). The POS is where you sell your items. It’s where the customer pays for their purchases. So, if you have a member rewards program and you offer a ten percent discount on your first purchase when a client joins, having a sign that says that at the place where your customer pulls out their wallets can get that noticed more than having it on a clothing rack. It’s all about location. Pick the Best Graphics Using the right image for your…

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