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Picking The Best Pop Up Banner For Your Brand

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Pop Up Banners have come a long way from being painted on a chunk of canvas. And we’re well beyond the kind you make in a word processor and tape together at the office. Large format printing and new materials make it easy to give your brand some polish. Do you want to make an impression in a snap? Let’s look at what you can do with a retractable banner. The basics: Retractable banners are designed to be portable. The banner part neatly wraps up and is protected in the case which makes for easy storage. This tool is essential for brands that travel to trade shows and need to make the most of packing space. If you happen to damage the banner or decide it’s time for a change the look to keep current – we can update the graphic. The sizes: We have a banner size for what you need. The base is about three feet wide with the printed banner itself being about 32 inches wide. Heights available are 4, 6, and 8 feet tall. Still need to go bigger? It can be done! The options: Vesta uses a table top banner to showcase sponsors for an event. Table top – This size is great for seasonal promotions in a reception area. The table top banner also works well for smaller trade show setups when you need to be economical with space. The pop of color and bold design helps Salsbury & Co get noticed. Single – One banner to rule them all. This option makes a splash and shows off your brand. Sitting at a table? A six foot banner makes a great backdrop so attendees know who you are and serves as a visual introduction before you even greet them. The Sonder Project uses a…

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Keys to A Successful Trade Show Display

By | Trade Show Displays

A trade show can be a great opportunity to get your business “out there” and become visible to hundreds or even thousands of people who might not otherwise hear about you. Your success relies on your ability to set up a smart trade show display that best shows off you and your business. You will be competing with a lot of other businesses for eyeballs, so it’s important to do everything you can to attract people to your booth. Use these great tips for ensuring you have the best trade show display possible! Research The Show Beforehand Knowledge is power. Learn about the history of the show. What sorts of booths have companies put up in the past? How much money do they spend on them? How many staff members? What you want is a booth that stands out from the crowd, but without being so far over-the-top that it seems gaudy or ostentatious. We like to look at how others style their displays for ideas and inspiration. We even have a Pinterest board dedicated to it! Look Your Best! If you think about it, a trade show is like a beauty pageant. People say they’re interested in personality, but they’re mostly judging on appearance. Make the best first impression you possibly can. The trade show display itself should be colorful, attractive, and aesthetically well-balanced. The more professional the construction job, the better. Avoid “pictures stapled to cardboard” displays unless you absolutely can’t afford anything else. Make sure all staffers are well-groomed and in attire that complements your booth and brand. Keep the décor clean, tasteful, and inviting. Avoid clutter. Use video if at all possible. A rear projection on the back of your booth, or even a TV, invites people to stop and watch. PowerPoint displays also work well….

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5 Reasons To Use Retractable Banners

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Five Reasons to Use Retractable Banners Take your show on the road!  Or display your message close to home!  Either way, a retractable banner is an essential tool for getting your message noticed.  These 5 things make retractable banners – or pull up banners – a great marketing aid. The National Society of Tax Professionals’ banner stand is the EZ version of trade show displays! Easy to set up Have a minute?  That literally is all you’ll need to set up most retractable banners.  Take the stand out of the carry case, take the telescoping pole out of the case and insert it into the stand, pull up the banner and hook it to the top of the telescoping pole.  That’s it!  You’ve got a great looking and effective display without breaking a sweat. Easy to transport Once you’re done, use the spring mechanism in the base to roll the graphic back up into the stand, put the telescoping pole away and use the travel case to store everything easily.  Most travel cases have a shoulder strap as well as a handle so it’s easy to put it in your car, take it with you to the airport or box it up with other display materials.  And it only weighs a few pounds – so no need for extra reps in the gym just so you can carry your banner stand to the next show. Available in lots of sizes & shapes Need something to fill the back wall of a 10′ booth?  Got it.  Have just a table top to work with?  No problem.  Most banner stands are about 30″ – 36″ wide and 76″ – 86″ tall.  But these pull up banners come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.  From a 24 inch tall table top model…

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4 Tips About Trade Show Displays

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4 Tips About Trade Show Displays Are your trade show displays small, scraped and a bit worn around the edges? Are you hoping to squeeze one or two more seasons out of your tired displays? Beware of making a fool’s bargain, particularly when you see other exhibitors sporting new trade show displays, custom booths, and ultra-modern retractable banner stands. What do the experts say? Trade Show Executive, the industry insider publication dedicated to keeping a watchful eye on what makes trade shows grow, work and prosper, has crunched the numbers and published them in a research roundup. The findings are eye-opening. 1. Attend 9+ events a year To keep in step with your competition, you need to commit to attending at least nine trade shows this year. And experts say the optimum booth size is about 200 net square feet. If your equipment cannot keep up with these minimum requirements, you might have a difficult time keeping pace with other retailers or service providers in your niche. Our customer Alde uses three different size displays so no matter space a trade show offers, they can still make an impact. 2. Be ready to sell to consumers who are ready to buy NOW Effective exhibit displays have the power to influence the buying decisions of attendees who are already predisposed to parting with their money. Researchers discovered that 69 percent of trade show attendees were eager to buy new products. Does your current display persuasively argue in favor of buying from you versus the competition?  A professional, eye-catching display with a well-targeted message is a critical tool that helps draw in those customers who are looking for the right place to spend their money. 3. Take advantage of a captive audience Did you know that trade show visitors spend about 8.3 hours looking…

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