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Does Your Lobby Sign Brand Your Company?

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What types of businesses don’t want you to know that they exist? Spy agencies may be one. Drug rings are another. Even these organizations have locations where their “employees” congregate. However, it’s highly unlikely that they have a nice sign welcoming in customers. That could blow their whole cover!

Now, go into your lobby area. Do you have an attractive reception area marker that lets visitors know they’ve found the right place? If not, it’s likely your receptionist is bombarded with questions like “Is this *insert name of your company here*?” or “Have I stumbled into a drug ring or a spy agency?”

You don’t want potential clients thinking you’re running drugs (unless, of course, you’re one of the legal dispensaries.) To help you with this, we offer a broad range of lobby signs for Portland, OR. Check out some of our popular options.

Raised Shapes and Letters

Take a moment to look at the raised lettering lobby sign we produced for Vesta Hospitality. This is a great example of the many services we offer. The letters are thick to give the sign a dimensional look. We even mounted the letters with standoffs to make them pop even more and to create an elegant play of light and shadows. We were able to route the raised shapes to perfectly replicate their logo.

Acrylic Panels

Acrylic panels achieve their maximum impact when they’re layered. For the lobby marker we produced for CriterionBrock, the graphics are layered to project a sophisticated appearance. Acrylic lends a shiny look that’s similar to glass, yet less expensive and more durable.

The layered look is also on display with the BnK Construction piece we fabricated. The acrylic panel has frosted vinyl graphics and is mounted a few inches away from the brushed aluminum panel that’s installed flush with the wall. As you can see, the lighting really makes the shadows of the letters stand out for a breathtaking “how do you do” for visitors.

Dimensional Signs

We love working with iQ Credit Union. For their lobby sign, we kept it simple. Conventional thinking would suggest “Hey! You can’t put an all-white sign on a white wall! That’s goofballs!” And, for most sign companies, this is sound advice. However, Specialty Graphic Solutions isn’t like most signs companies. We have enough experience to know that a dimensional sign will stand out at close proximity no matter the colors. And, as you can see, we were right!

These are just a few examples of what we can do for reception area signs for Portland, OR. Do you run an enterprise that specializes in natural products or services, such as massage therapy or homeopathic remedies? It’s only natural for you to want natural materials for your venue. We typically produce wood or stone reception signs for these situations.

Are you tired of people coming to your storefront for illegal drugs and/or spy services? Want to boost your branding and make a great first impression? Contact the mighty sign makers at SGS today for a free quote and consultation on lobby signs!