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Don’t Want a Traditional Lobby Sign in Portland?

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As we’re bombarded with messages on walls, cars, buildings, windows, and even floors, it’s grown increasingly difficult to catch our attention visually. That means your traditional lobby sign won’t cut it anymore. In fact, thinking outside of the box isn’t even good enough. You need to travel to a different planet from that box. And, as the best place to buy lobby signs in Portland, Oregon, Specialty Graphic Solutions can take you there. Here are some ahead-of-their-time options that are noticeable and memorable.

Backlit Lobby Signs Will Eclipse the Competition

Imagine the whole city is staring up at the sun waiting for a solar eclipse. Then, instead of the moon passing in front of the sun, it’s a lobby sign with your logo on it. This is essentially what it looks like when you choose backlit lobby signs, except you won’t horribly blind everyone who enters your business. We use bright LED lights that are still significantly less powerful than the sun yet efficient and environmentally-friendly. These markers create a sophisticated halo effect on any wall they’re mounted to.

You Don’t Need Special Glasses for This 3D Look

Okay, so dimensional letters with logos aren’t that uncommon, and many traditional signs consist of dimensional letters. However, there are exciting new things that we can do to make your dimensional lobby sign really pop. It all comes down to materials. Here are some material options that’ll give you an unconventional appearance:

  • Sign Foam – Sign foam is a favorite for dimensional letters because it can achieve a thickness of up to four inches. Plus, we can paint it any color you want, add digitally-printed graphics, or cover the letters and logo with a laminate.
  • Metal Laminate – Speaking of laminates, metal laminate is the bomb. We use a thin layer of real metal allow and apply it to PVC, acrylic, sign foam, or other substrates for a professional look that projects longevity in an industry. We recommend a brushed aluminum finish.
  • Acrylic Laminate – This works much the same way as metal only for different purposes. Acrylic projects a high-tech, avant-garde, trendy vibe with its glossy look.

Cover Your Giant Wall with Vinyl or Use Digital Prints

If visitors to your business are greeted by a huge, blank wall, you probably don’t want to install a puny lobby sign. Yet, if you wanted to install a sign worthy of the stature of your wall, the above materials might be cost prohibitive. Vinyl is the answer. We’re able to cover your entire wall with a massive mural featuring your logo as the focal point. This is sure to have a lasting impression on everyone who enters your building. Digital prints are also a great way to make your lobby a welcoming place.

This is just a taste of what we can do with lobby signs in Portland, Oregon. Do you have some out-of-this-world ideas that you aren’t sure are possible? Go ahead and try us! When you contact us for a free consultation, we’ll let you know if we can make your dream a reality. Most of the time we can. Call today for a free quote!