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Don’t You Want a Sign Company Where Everyone Knows Your Name?

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Choosing a service provider or store you’re familiar with is always a good idea. To illustrate our point, let’s talk about your hair. Chances are you have someone who regularly clips, styles, or shaves your hair. Why do you keep going back to the same person? In all likelihood, you have developed a relationship with them: they know exactly what you want, and you trust them not to accidentally give you a mohawk. Now, the same goes for other businesses you frequent. Once you develop that bond, it makes future interactions easier and less stressful. iQ Credit Union, living up to their name, recognized that we always seem to be on the same wavelength, so they continue to trust us not to give them an unwanted mohawk…and to supply them with point of purchase signs Vancouver WA pays attention to. iQCU Is Everywhere! As you traveling around Vancouver, you‘ve likely come across some of iQ Credit Union’s branches. They have twelve of them throughout town. This year, they celebrate their 75th year of intelligent banking. They were originally created to assist teachers in saving and borrowing money. These days, they are open to everyone. Their commitment to educators and emphasis on financial smarts are the inspiration for their name. We have developed a great relationship with iQCU based on our mutual love of puns (evidenced by all the marketing materials we have produced for them) and our ability to produce great signage for them every time. You Only Need One Sign Shop Each quarter, iQCU rolls out a new marketing campaign. In the past, they have hired us to help with Save a Latte – featuring iQ branded coffee mugs Crab a Great Rate – a summer theme that included graphics on sand pails Doggone Low Rates – including vinyl…

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