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Why are Retail and POS Displays so effective?

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POS – Point of Sale Marketing

Point of Sale signs (POS) or Point of Purchase (POP) signs gets your message to your customers while they are in your establishment.  The best way to engage and captivate customers is with dynamic in-store displays.  We sometimes call them Retail signs, but they are effective ways for businesses and organizations to promote internal messages to employees and visitors.  Point of sale signs like menu boards, promotional signs, posters, cut-outs and floor graphics are a very effective tool for marketing.

Point of Sale signs take on many forms.  Some of the most popular include:

  • Menu boards
  • Floor Graphics
  • In-store signs
  • Modular displays for rack cards and printed materials
  • Countertop displays
  • Hanging signs
  • Posters
  • Banners
  • Full-size cutouts (Lifesize Sasquatch anyone?)

Why is POS marketing so effective?

In a nutshell, boredom.  POS marketing gives a person somewhere to direct their attention when they are not otherwise engaged.  Drawing attention is the first and most critical step in marketing.  Your exterior signage and graphics effectively brought someone to you.  They are right where you want them, at your counter, and while they wait for you they will look around.  Because waiting is tedious people want to stay engaged.  Point of Sale marketing engages, informs and creates opportunities for you to sell products and services that the customer doesn’t know exists.  Modular displays for rack cards are a great example.  They invite the customer to learn.

Retail and point of sale signs are meant to display products and specials in a way that focuses attention on products you want to sell. But they have to be placed carefully and have the right kind of message. You don’t want to trick people into purchasing your products, you want to show people the top qualities of your products at a place they’ll be noticed.  It’s a learning process.  Make it as simple as possible for people to learn as much about what you do and sell!

The POS is where you sell your items. It’s where the customer pays for their purchases. So, if you have a member rewards program and you offer a ten percent discount on your first purchase when a client joins, having a sign that says that at the place where your customer pulls out their wallets can get that noticed more than having it on a clothing rack. It’s all about location.

Pick the Best Graphics

Using the right image for your retail and POS signs is important. You’ll want to be smart about what images you display. You’ll want to showcase your top-selling items, the one’s that bring people back. Particularly if you own or operate a restaurant, the choice of images can be enticing enough to up-sell items without even pushing your guests.

For example, if you use a menu board at the POS in your restaurant, a couple of alluring images of your best-sellers will encourage people to buy them. Or advertising your margarita special with a cool and refreshing graphic at the tables of your eatery can boost your margarita sales with minimal effort.

Retail and Point of Sale Signs Just for You

When it comes to retail and point of sale signs, smart solutions work well. At SGS we’re mighty smart. We make sure that your retail and POS signs suit your needs perfectly, have the images you need and can work where you need them to work. That’s why we provide multiple options for these signs. Menu boards, magnets, posters: whatever type of signage will fit your POS, we can provide a perfect solution.


Questions? Drop us a line at hello@SGSgraphic.com or call us at (360) 635-5556 and unless we’re up to our elbows in alligators, a live person will answer. If you leave a message we will call you back pronto.

Floor Stickers Lead Customers

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 These bright blue spots catch attention and lead the way to the IT department location.

Floor stickers as directional Signage

Floor stickers as directional Signage.These bright blue spots catch attention and lead the way to the IT department location.

Lewis and Clark College just finished consolidating their IT Help Services into a single Help Desk located in the library.    Once the move was completed, the IT staff was then faced with the question of how to make sure students, faculty and staff could find them.  The answer –  Floor graphics!

The college created a fun & noticeable path with bright blue dots on the floor that led to the new service desk in the Aubrey R. Watzek Library.  No need for extra confusion and headaches when IT services changed locations.  The dots clearly led the way.

And no worries that they had different floor surfaces to work with in the library.  These graphics work on tile, low pile carpets, linoleum, hardwood, concrete and more.

Wayfinding is crucial on a college campus – especially with so many new students arriving each year.  Effective signs and graphics are a smart tool to help people get where they need to go. And especially in the 11th hour when that laptop seems to have eaten the essay due tomorrow – the IT service desk staff didn’t want frustrated students to end up getting lost while looking for help.

Ta-da! The bright 4 foot wide circle is a great way to announce, “You’re in the right place!”

According to Kelly Wainwright, Sr. Director of Client Engagement,  the floor graphics are working.  Folks are finding the help desk and even having a little fun in the process.  She said some folks actively try to step on each dot and others purposefully avoid walking on them – maybe because they don’t want to ruin the dots.

But walking on them is no problem.  They’re covered with a sturdy, non-slip laminate and will hold up for a couple of months even with all the rain & mud headed this way for the winter.

Do your customers need help finding something? Do you need a unique way to promote a new product or service? Check out floor graphics!  It’s as easy as contacting us for a Free Quote.

Are you there and we’re here? Not a problem. We’re shipping experts too.

So give us a call at 360-635-5556 or at 503-766-3331 to get started on your project. Or if e-mail is better for you – just give us a shout at hello@sgsgraphic.com

Questions? Drop us a line at hello@SGSgraphic.com or call us at (360) 635-5556 and unless we’re up to our elbows in alligators, a live person will answer. If you leave a message we will call you back pronto.

228 Billion Reasons to Plan NOW

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It may still be tank top and flip flop weather, but it’s not too early to start planning for the holidays. According to industry research giant IBIS World, consumers spend more than $228 billion annually during the holiday shopping season. As a business owner, now is the time to develop a marketing strategy to help you make the most of this opportunity. Here are some ideas and dates to help you get started:

  • Halloween is right around the corner on October 31st and offers a great trial run opportunity to try one or two new marketing ideas to help drive sales.
  • Thanksgiving – it’s not the start of the holiday season.  Not all stores are closed and not all people stay at home.  Temporary signage, like door graphics, keep your customer informed about store hours and days you will be open.
  • Black Friday – has long been the single biggest shopping day of the year in the US.  Advance planning will make sure you have all the tools to both attract customers to your location and get them to buy!  When should you start?  Mid October for most holiday campaigns.  It takes a couple of weeks to get your ideas together and for Specialty Graphic Solutions to make them real.  
  • Super Saturday is the last Saturday before Christmas.  When Christmas falls on a Sunday, watch out.  Special retail point of sale signs work great to help with last second gift ideas and work especially well for add on sales.
  • Monday, December 26th. That’s the day shoppers come out in force to look for post-holiday sales, use gift cards and make gift exchanges.

So enjoy these last days of summer but don’t let holiday planning fall off the radar. The holidays will be here before you know it!

Questions? Drop us a line at hello@SGSgraphic.com or call us at (360) 635-5556 and unless we’re up to our elbows in alligators, a live person will answer. If you leave a message we will call you back pronto.