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Why Choose Us for Banners for Trade Shows in Portland OR?

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Some of our nation’s top minds are working around the clock to come up with the next best trade show display to catch the eyes of everyone who enters the convention hall. This past year, every exhibit seemed to incorporate a tablet stand with interactive messages. Our guys on the inside tell us that the next trend will be sending associates home with attendees to deliver nonstop marketing messages.

Well, maybe businesses aren’t getting that invasive with their advertising, and they don’t really need to be. After all, banners for trade shows in Portland, OR continue to be one of the most affordable and effective display solutions. Fortunately, Specialty Graphic Solutions is one of the best at fabricating banners for your event.

Should You Use Banners or Ninjas?

One of the hottest types of banners for trade shows is the retractable banner stand. This product is easy to transport and convenient. It used to be that you’d spend most of your expo time rolling up banners. That’s no longer the case. With retractable banners, the graphics retract into the base of the stand with just a tug. Your banner is then protected in storage and during transport. Here are some other benefits that spell out the handy acronym “CARPPV”:

Customizability – Legally speaking, you have to throw your banner stand away when your retractable banner is no longer relevant, right? Think again! You can continue to use your old stand with new graphics.

Affordability – There’s a wide array of retractable banner alternatives, including economy stands. Name a pricing point, and we probably have a banner for you.

Reliability – Since we only source our materials from the best manufacturers, you can be sure your marker will remain reliable far into the future.

Protection – When not in use, your banner will be resting in a luxurious padded nylon bed. You wish your hotel bed was this comfortable!

Portability – Retracting your banner is made simply by the top-quality aluminum bottom cassette. Then, you’re free to paint the town red with your portable banner stand.

Versatility – The government doesn’t want you to know that you can use your retractable banner stand outside of expos. It’s true. We’ve probably already said too much, but you can also use banners for sporting events, reception areas, restaurants, retail shops, educational institutions, presentations, fundraisers, and more.

How Do You Know which Banner Is Right for You?

Your trade show situation will determine the best types of banners for your purposes. If you plan on exhibiting outdoors or keeping a busy trade show schedule, you should probably splurge on high-end retractable banners. After all, unless you’re at a drone festival, you don’t want to watch your indoor-rated display fly away. If you only have one or two events you want to exhibit at, you can probably save money with a simple pull-up banners. Lastly, if your booth is going to be in Timbuktu, invest in a nice big hanging banner to show people where you are.

Let our mighty sign makers help you prepare for your upcoming event. For a free consultation on banners for trade shows in Portland, OR, contact Specialty Graphic Solutions today!