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Soup and Sandwich Boards: A Winning Combination

By | A-Frame Signs

Big city restaurants and small-town diners are often the best places to get a bite to eat when you’re hungry and tired. Travelers come from far and wide, stumbling from feeling famished and thirsty. They happen upon a sandwich board sign for a beloved eatery. Relieved, they step inside and get the meal of their dreams.

All right, so maybe that is a little dramatic. But sandwich boards really can help your restaurant advertise specials, new deals and more. Hungry for some more knowledge about these handy exterior signs? Read on to learn more.

The Anatomy of the Sign

Sandwich boards are traditionally made of wood, with a black chalkboard panel on both sides. However, these days, you can get one made out of plastic or even lightweight metal. Your panel can have a section to place in letters, or it can just be the chalkboard or even whiteboard.

Usually, these signs are double-sided, so that passerby from both directions can read what it says. Sometimes they only have one side, though. This works best when the sign is up against a wall for whatever reason. We recommend the double-sided sandwich board, as it is more effective at getting customers to come in.

Advertise Your Daily Specials

How can a restaurant benefit from a sandwich board sign? Well, let’s say you’re an Italian restaurant with a delicious freshly-made pasta dish that your chef just thought up. You could write something witty on your sign, or simply just write down the name of your masterpiece plus the price. Informative and delectable!

The Future of Sandwich Boards

These days, you have probably seen the single-post sandwich board signs around. These are usually made of a sturdy plastic with a water-filled base for stability. These signs are potentially what all sandwich boards will start to look like. Because they are sturdy and durable, they’re preferable to wood, which can be prone to insect and water damage.

Get Your Sandwich Board Signs Today

Now that you’ve learned more about sandwich board signs, get them from Specialty Graphic Solutions while they’re hot. Specialty Graphic Solutions is the ultimate signage source. Contact us now for a free quote.