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Vancouver Pointe Senior Village Brands with Shuttle Bus Graphics!

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Whenever we see buses on the road, we wonder “Where are all of those people going? Where did they come from?” With school buses, it’s usually pretty obvious. With motor coaches, it could be a rock band going to their next tour date or workers on their way to an exciting work retreat. Shuttle buses also have plenty of possibilities: is the bus full of ninjas going to defend our city from an unknown enemy? Or, is it full of giant clowns?

Vancouver Pointe Senior Village wanted to take the guess work out of their vehicles, so they contacted Specialty Graphic Solutions for shuttle bus graphics in Vancouver, WA.

Seniors Stay Independent at Vancouver Pointe Senior Village

From their location near the Vancouver Mall on Northeast 66th Avenue, Vancouver Pointe Senior Village prides itself on not being an institution or a rest home. Formerly known as Vancouver Village, they help their residents to continue to live independent lives in a welcoming, comfortable environment. Residents can spend more of their time outside, visiting with friends, taking classes, skydiving, or doing whatever interests them while trained staff members take care of housekeeping, maintenance, home repair, meal planning, and other daily concerns.

When a senior living facility that does so much to make life enjoyable for older adults came to us for shuttle bus graphics in Vancouver, WA, we would’ve been off our rocker to turn them down. We recently updated their signage for a rebranding project, and we did such a great job that they had us give their shuttle buses a fresh new look as well.

Best Shuttle Graphics in the Village!

When Vancouver Pointe contacted us, we scheduled a time to meet with them to get a look at their bus and to listen to what they had in mind for their project. They used the bus to transport residents on field trips around the area, and they wanted their graphics to get the word out about their branding and perhaps attract new clients. We provided them with art proofs of what the finished decals would look like. Once they gave us the thumbs up, we got down to work.

We used our trusty state of the art large format printer to digitally print Vancouver Pointe’s branding in precise detail on durable vinyl that was specifically designed for vehicles. We then added an overlaminate to make sure the graphics would look like new for years to come. Lastly, we scheduled a time to install the wrap when they wouldn’t need the bus. After all, we didn’t want to leave a bunch of ornery seniors stranded at Fort Vancouver. They might mutiny!

In the end, Vancouver Pointe was completely satisfied with the work we did. Now, as they travel around town from one party to the next, they can boost their brand awareness.

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